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Projects, Articles, DIY Guides and How-To's

DIY Projects and How-To guides for getting the most out of your astronomy equipment and experience.

Some of these guides are written by me as mods done to my Dob, and others are user-contributed articles to share their knowledge and experience with others. I encourage and welcome your contributions. The more people that contribute articles, the greater value the information here will provide.


ArticleAuthorDate Added
How to Take Photographs of Space Barry Armstead 12-Jan-2012
How to Create a Colour Saturated Moon Photo Mike Salway 20-Sep-2011
Australia's first major Astro Imaging Conference (AAIC2011) is on! Mike Salway 04-Mar-2011
Revealing Star Colours using the Defocusing Technique Al Sheehan 11-Jun-2008
RGB Planetary Imaging with a Monochrome Camera Mike Salway 10-Mar-2008
Mono vs One Shot Colour (OSC) CCD's Dr Dietmar Hager 20-Feb-2008
Sharpening Images Using Deconvolution Stuart Hodgson 25-Jan-2008
Taking Great CCD Images Philip Holmes 10-Oct-2007
Adding a Webcam to your Telescope David Childs 27-Sep-2007
Calculating Focal Length from Plate Scale Anthony Wesley 10-Apr-2007
Calculating the Resolution of Solar System Images Alan Sheehan 15-Nov-2006
Planetary Imaging and Image Processing Mike Salway 05-Jul-2006
A High Pass Layer Approach to Image Enhancement Doug 04-Jul-2006
High Dynamic Range Processing Using Photoshop CS2 Doug 04-May-2006
Avoid Histogram Clipping in ImagesPlus Tony Hitchcock 21-Feb-2006
Digital Imaging - Flats and Darks Explained! Eddie Trimarchi 19-Jun-2005
Astrophotography with a Dob Mike Salway 05-May-2005
Secret of the Hartmann Mask... Revealed! Paul Russell 05-Apr-2005

Beginners Guides

ArticleAuthorDate Added
So You Want to do Deep Sky Observing? Faith Jordan 06-Sep-2011
Collimation and the Newtonian Telescope (v4 revised) Don Pensack 21-Jul-2011
Basic Setup Procedure for a German Equatorial Mount (GEM) Telescope Trevor Hand 17-Jul-2008
How to Align your Finderscope without Embarrassment Michael Viset 11-Apr-2008
Beginners Guide to Finding the SCP - by a Beginner Chris Turton 25-Feb-2008
Polar Alignment with a Wedge in the Southern Hemisphere Chris James 25-Jan-2008
Basics of Drift Alignment / Polar Alignment Geoff Smith 15-Jun-2007
Binoculars - A Basic Guide for Astronomy Dennis Simmons 01-Mar-2007
Cleaning the Mirrors of a Newtonian Telescope Mike Salway 15-Nov-2006
Adventures in Eyepiece Cleaning Scott N. Mitchell 15-Nov-2006
The Beaufort Scale Alan Sheehan 21-Aug-2006
Part One: General Principles for Choosing your first Telescope Brian Nolan 07-Dec-2005
Part Two: What's Wrong with each of my Scopes Brian Nolan 07-Dec-2005
How To Determine Seeing and Transparency Brendan Gazzard 15-Apr-2005


ArticleAuthorDate Added
Cooling Newtonian Optics Alexander Massey 27-Apr-2015
Going Bigger, or Learning to Love Your Ladder Frank Wright 22-Oct-2013
Setting up a Basic Celestron Wedge Peter Coates 12-Jan-2012
Another Parallelogram Binocular Mount (with a difference) Gary Lowe 31-Jan-2011
DaveGee's SkyShed Observatory Dave Gault 07-Jul-2010
To Build an Observatory Dennis Greeve 07-Apr-2010
Seperating a Meade ETX105 OTA from its Base Karl van Louwersen 07-Apr-2010
ST80 Finder on a 12" Dob - An Experience George Vasilareas 13-Jul-2009
16" Tri-Dob Improvements, including ArgoNavis and ServoCat Tim Nott 11-Jun-2008
Setting Up and Using a Celestron CG5 Mount Geoff Young 11-Jun-2008
Balancing Your Homemade Dobsonian Telescope Douglas Parkes 11-Jun-2008
GS 250mm Light Bucket Dennis Greeve 11-Apr-2008
16" Lightbridge Modifications Peter Batchelor 06-Nov-2007
Modifying a Newtonian Tube for DSLR Photography Alchemy 06-Nov-2007
Power Drive and Equatorial Platform for a Dob Dennis Greeve 10-Oct-2007
EQ5 Bearing Replacement Martin 27-Sep-2007
Building a Small Truss Tube Telescope Peter Pocock 02-Aug-2007
GSO Dob Fan Project Scott Tannehill 30-May-2007
A How-To for Wireless Go-To Dennis Simmons 10-May-2007
Balancing your Dobsonian Dennis Greeve 10-Apr-2007
Another DIY Parallelogram Binocular Mount Dennis Simmons 28-Mar-2007
Binocular Chair Geoff Liddicoat 22-Mar-2007
Lazy Susan Bearing for a 200mm Dob Base Geoff White 05-Mar-2007
Troubleshooting the AS GT Mount Narayan Mukkavilli 02-Mar-2007
Parallelogram Binocular Mount Larry Brockman 02-Mar-2007
Widefield EQ Suitcase Tommy Boswell 26-Feb-2007
16" Tri-Dob - Building an Ultralight Telescope Tim Nott 21-Aug-2006
Skateboard Wheel Dob Mount Geoff Liddicoat 04-Jul-2006
Centre Spotting a Newtonian Mirror Steve H 21-Feb-2006
Installing Sky Commander DSC's Mike Salway 29-Jun-2005
Installing a Moonlite CR2 Focuser Mike Salway 29-Jun-2005
Making a Low-Cost Illuminated Finder Mike Salway 29-Jun-2005
Making a White Light Solar Filter Mike Salway 29-Jun-2005
Smooth Motion with Dob Base Mods Mike Salway 29-Jun-2005
Checking the Optics on your GSO Dob Starkler 25-May-2005


ArticleAuthorDate Added
Telescope Multi-Mask and Test Frank Wright 21-Oct-2013
Repairing a Finderscope Crosshair Reticle RG 27-Jul-2012
More Illuminated Finder Ideas Peter Coates 12-Jan-2012
How to Control Losmandy Gemini with Bluetooth Brendan Smith 14-Jul-2011
Budget Electric Focuser for an SCT Philip Fiveash 14-Jan-2011
Fitting DSC's to a 16" Lightbridge Barry Gerdes 22-Sep-2010
Dew Heater Controller and the Arduino Bob Stephens 07-Jul-2010
Remote Focus Control for the LX90 and Similar Telescopes Dennis Greeve 05-Jul-2010
An Adjustable Illuminated Finderscope Dennis Greeve 05-Jul-2010
One-Off Printed Circuit Board Making at Home Steve B 12-Jan-2010
Flashing LEDs for Tripod or Pier John 17-Sep-2009
Spectroscopes: Part 2 – New 200mm Littrow design Ken Harrison 17-Jul-2008
A Simple Polar Alignment Jig for a GEM Tripod Trevor Hand 17-Jul-2008
A Truss-Mounted Tele Crutch Dennis Greeve 11-Apr-2008
Finderscope Mount for Cheap Telescopes Michael Viset 11-Apr-2008
Locking Down the Finderscope Dennis Greeve 11-Apr-2008
A Jig to Make Mirror Handling Safer Dennis Greeve 11-Apr-2008
Easy Action Switch for Green Laser Pointers Darryl Pfitzner Milika 18-Mar-2008
Focus Control at the Laptop Dennis Greeve 10-Dec-2007
An Inexpensive, Waterproof, Durable and Easy DIY Table-Top Dew Hutch Scott Tannehill 07-Nov-2007
Collimation Using a Barlowed Laser Dennis Greeve 06-Nov-2007
Creating Cheap Azimuth Circles Denis 10-Oct-2007
Collimation Using a Webcam Scott Tannehill 15-Jun-2007
Argo Navis Stalk Scott Tannehill 30-May-2007
Build Cheap Digital Setting Circles Martin 30-May-2007
Illuminated Finder Dennis Greeve 10-Apr-2007
A Portable, Dew-Proof, Astronomy Hutch Dennis Simmons 21-Feb-2007
Eyepiece and Laptop Rack Stephen McNelley 29-Jan-2007
Build a Cheap, Simple Laptop Light Control Hutch Al Sheehan 04-Jan-2007
The "Krupa Collimator" Revisited David C Nicholls 15-Dec-2006
Classical Spectroscope Ken Harrison 01-Nov-2006
Dew Shields for 20x80 Triplet Binoculars Alan Sheehan 02-Aug-2006
PST Scope Case from a Toolbox Alan Sheehan 02-Aug-2006
Bendy Scope Light Michael Samerski 04-May-2006
Build a Dew Heater with Resistors Alan Sheehan 04-May-2006
Building a Pulse Width Modulated Dew Heater Controller Alan Sheehan 16-Mar-2006
Build Your Own Red LED Torch Chris Marsh 21-Feb-2006
Making Your Own Artificial Star Barry Waters 10-Jan-2006
Home Made Observing Table Ian Ogilvie 13-Apr-2005
Making a Denver Observers Chair Mike Salway 29-Jun-2005
Move Your Dob with a Transporting Trolley Mike Salway 29-Jun-2005

Celestial Events

ArticleAuthorDate Added
Upcoming Events
Total Lunar Eclipse, 15th April 2014 - Observing / Imaging Guide Mike Salway 11-Mar-2014
Past Events
Total Solar Eclipse, November 13th-14th 2012 - Observing / Imaging Guide Mike Salway 24-Feb-2010
Partial Solar Eclipse for Australian Capital Cities, 14th November 2012 Mike Salway 05-Sep-2012
Total Solar Eclipse, November 13th-14th 2012 - Observing / Imaging Guide Mike Salway 24-Feb-2010
Partial Lunar Eclipse, 4th June 2012 - Observing / Imaging Guide Mike Salway 13-Apr-2012
Transit of Venus Across the Sun, 6th June 2012 - Observing / Imaging Guide Mike Salway 01-Oct-2011
Global Astronomy Month, April 2012 Mike Salway 15-Mar-2012
Moon, Venus and Jupiter Conjunction - March 2012 Mike Salway 06-Mar-2012
Upcoming Conjunctions Featuring the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter in May 2011 Mike Salway 14-Mar-2011
Total Lunar Eclipse, December 10th / December 11th 2011 - Observing / Imaging Guide Mike Salway 07-Feb-2011
Total Lunar Eclipse, June 15th/June 16th 2011 - Observing / Imaging Guide Mike Salway 07-Feb-2011
Total Lunar Eclipse, December 21st 2010 - Observing / Imaging Guide Mike Salway 20-Oct-2010
Four Planets and Crescent Moon Evening Conjunction - August 12-13 2010 Mike Salway 09-Aug-2010
Minor Planet Anneliese (910) Occulting Star HIP 74600, 8th May 2010 Ron Garrett 23-Apr-2010
Total Solar Eclipse, July 11th 2010 - Observing / Imaging Guide Mike Salway 20-Feb-2010
Jupiter Observing Guide for August 2009 Mike Salway 10-Aug-2009
Titan Shadow Transits on Saturn in 2009 Mike Salway 02-Mar-2009
Total Solar Eclipse, July 22nd 2009 - Observing / Imaging Guide Mike Salway 20-Feb-2009
Upcoming Transits of Titan at Saturn - February and March 2009 Mike Salway 02-Feb-2009
Upcoming Conjunctions Featuring the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter Mike Salway 14-Jan-2009
Partial Solar Eclipse, January 26th 2009 - Observing / Imaging Guide Mike Salway 14-Jan-2009
Partial Lunar Eclipse, August 17th 2008 - Observing / Imaging Guide Mike Salway 10-Jul-2008
Partial Solar Eclipse, February 7th 2008 - Observing / Imaging Guide Mike Salway 05-Dec-2007
Total Lunar Eclipse, August 2007 - Observing / Imaging Guide Mike Salway 26-Jun-2007
Transit of Mercury, 2006 - Observing / Imaging Guide Dennis Simmons 25-Oct-2006
Mercury Spotting Guide for 2007 Edosaurus Rex 26-Sep-2006

Astronomy and Observing

ArticleAuthorDate Added
2015 USA Astronomical & Aeronautical Exploration Tour Lou Pagano (SASI) 21-Oct-2013
NGC 6749 Aquila — Tough Cookie, Soft Heart Dana De Zoysa 27-Aug-2013
West Australia's Astronomical Blunder Toner Stevenson 25-Mar-2013
The Grand American Astronomical Experience – Closer Than You Think Mike Salway 07-Mar-2013
The Fornax Dwarf and its Five Globulars Dana De Zoysa 29-Aug-2012
Highlights of the Winter Sky Suzy Webb 25-May-2012
Visual Astronomy and the Use of Filters John Bambury 13-Apr-2012
Finding the Messier Objects with Binoculars - Successes and Failures Faith Jordan 06-Sep-2011
150 Dunlop Deep Sky Objects Glen Cozens 23-Aug-2011
BAM600 - John Bambury's Southern Skies Observing List John Bambury 20-May-2011
Sketching DSO's using the Mellish Technique Alexander Massey 24-Jan-2011
"Bright" Ideas Rob Horvat 06-Jul-2009
40th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing Mike Salway 20-May-2009
Mars will NOT be as Big as the Full Moon on August 27th! Mike Salway 07-May-2009
Star Lineups Rob Horvat 01-Apr-2009
Using Astrometrica software for Asteroid Searching Jeff Nott and Scott Alder 20-08-2008
SkyScan Alignment Stars and Matching Finder Charts Steve Russell 17-Jul-2008
Memorising the Maria Stephen Saber 10-Apr-2007
110 Southern Sky Doubles Stephen Saber 21-Dec-2006
Rattling the Beads Stephen Saber 21-Dec-2006
111 Bright NGC Objects Glen Couzens 21-Aug-2006
100 Brightest Planetary Nebula for Southern Observers Paul Mayo 02-Jul-2006
The Structure and Proportions of the Known Universe Graeme Clement 10-Jan-2006
How To Adjust a Binocular Viewer Graeme Clement 10-Jan-2006
100 Brightest Galaxies for Southern Observers Paul Mayo 10-Jan-2006
The Names of Stars Paul Mayo 10-Jan-2006

Computers and Software

ArticleAuthorDate Added
How to add Comets and Asteroids to Stellarium Jarrod Bennett 03-Aug-2012
Stellarium Telescope Control with a HEQ5/EQ6 Karl van Louwersen 12-Mar-2010
Using the K3CCDTools Drift Explorer for Drift Alignment Al Sheehan 03-Jul-2009
Create a Diffraction Spike Brush for Photoshop Al Sheehan 27-Sep-2007
Overlay Light Pollution Map in Google Earth Andrew B & Eric Kingston 15-Jun-2007
Image Resizing with Windows XP acropolite 20-Jun-2005
Neutral Density Filters & NightVision Dennis Simmons 20-Jun-2005

Observing Reports

ArticleAuthorDate Added
Go South Lance Humphreys 25-Jan-2008
Seeing the Unseeable Richard Brown 10-Apr-2007

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