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150 Dunlop Deep Sky Objects
Submitted: Monday, 22nd August 2011 by Glen Cozens


Prior to 1820 only 44 southern NGC objects were known south of declination -30.
Ptolemy listed the open cluster M7 in 138 BC
The Magellanic Clouds were recorded in 1501, but known before that. The LMC is not in the NGC catalogue.
Hodierna recorded the clusters M6 and NGC 6231 in the 1650s
Edmond Halley realised that omega Centauri was a cluster in 1677
Lacaille found 22 NGC objects from the Cape in 1751 and 1752. Most of these (14) were open clusters.
Charles Messier found 4 southern objects between 1770 and 1780 from Paris.
William Herschel picked up 13 southern clusters and galaxies from London between 1784 and 1793.

James Dunlop was the second person, after Lacaille,  to make a catalogue of deep sky objects from the southern hemisphere.

He was the first person to catalogue southern galaxies and the bright objects in the Magellanic Clouds. His catalogue is important because it contains most of the bright deep sky objects in the southern sky.

It was made in Parramatta, NSW, Australia with a homemade 9" diameter telescope in 1826.
His telescope was equivalent to a modern 6" reflector

The following list contains 150 Dunlop objects.

All of his 57 galaxies, 35 globular clusters, 3 nebulae and 3 planetary nebulae are included.
A selection of 27 open clusters and 22 objects from the Magellanic Clouds are also listed and 2 dark nebulae.

The File

The file is in excel format.

Dunlop_150.xls 187.00 KB
150 Dunlop Deep Sky Objects
Article by Glen Cozens (glenc). Discuss this article on the IceInSpace Forum.
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