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There's many many astronomy-related resources on the internet, from community sites and forums, to users' home pages, official news sites etc.

Here's a selection of sites that I've bookmarked during my time researching and learning about astronomical observing.

If you would like to see a site linked here, please just contact me and give me the details.

Community Resources
Cloudy Nights Telescope and equipment reviews, articles and great community discussion boards
Universe Today Community run daily news site with discussion forums Website for the US Astronomy magazine, with resources and discussion forums
Heavens-Above Excellent site for ISS and satellite visibility times, iridium flares etc
NOAA Weather Satellite Service

This site is much used by professional observers at Siding Spring Observatory (NSW, Australia), but also it may be of use to amateur astronomers trying to forecast the weather anywhere in south-eastern Australia.

Australian Astronomy Australian Astronomy is an official web site of the Astronomical Society of Australia featuring extensive links to astronomical research, teaching, and public education facilities and activities in Australia.
NACAA Website for the National Australian Convention of Amateur Astronomers Inc.
Night Sky Secrets The website for anyone has ever looked up and wondered “What’s out there” or “How can I discover more”.
Night Sky Network A site is for amateur astronomers who like to view and share the wonders of our night time skies - members from all parts of the globe broadcast the night skies from their home built observatories, back yards, etc.
Clouds of Magellan A web site dedicated to making it easier to navigate the Magellanic Clouds, to encourage observing and imaging of them and to provide links to some of the research into these extraordinary and stunning galaxies.
Hidden Costs of Light Pollution Making the case against light pollution, this video captures the "brilliance and tyranny of city lights" to show how destructive artificial light is. It has impeded our ability to see starscapes, affected our mental and physical health, and confused many species' natural life cycles. Awareness is the first step to reclaiming dark skies.
Amateur Astronomy Homepages
Raimond Lony AstroSite Homepage focussed on astrophotography with some tutorials and tips
Tom Hole Astronomy Heaps of info about his hobby and projects
Craig Colvin Astronomy Projects and modifications galore
AstroMeeting My favourite astrophotography site of all time
Jeff Anlauf Astronomy Nice looking site with projects, mods and info
Astronomy For Beginners A very useful site for beginners with information about all things Astronomy!
Mick's Astronomy Page Nice looking site from an amateur in Mackay QLD!
Backyard Great developing site by amateur astronomer Chris Graham from Scotland
Pete's Astronomy Pages Nice looking site with lots of great information, especially if you own an LX90.
Astronomy Log Book Sketches and Log Book website by amateur astronomer Denis Young
David Paul Green's Free Astronomy Software Site Excellent site with some great free software including observing log tools, eyepiece calculators, etc.
Steve Massey's Video Astronomy Pages Excellent site by well known amateur astronomer and author, Steve Massey. Has images and information about video astronomy.
Astroshed, Tin Shed Observatory The homepage of one of Australia's best astrophotographers, Eddie Trimarchi. Stunning images.
Solar Worlds Homepage and astrophotography of Marc Pinter-Krainer, using a Meade 8" LX200 from London
Astrohjornet Homepage and astrophotography of Christian Haugerud
Mike Sidonio Homepage of Mike Sidonio, one of Australia's best deep space astrophotographers
Gary's Amateur Astronomy Homepage of Gary Syrba, with loads of tips, tricks and other useful info for dobsonian owners
Roger Groom Roger's website of astro photography, astronomy information, landscape photography, macro photography and more.
Saber Does The Stars Stephen Saber's AstroBlog
Steve Quirk's Astronomy Site Homepage of well-known Australian Amateur, Steve Squirk. Amazing deep-space images with a GSTAR-EX Astronomical CCD Video Camera.
Anthony Wesley Homepage of one of Australia's best planetary imagers. Along with his amazing images, there's also some great articles regarding mirror cooling and more.
Baytop Observatory Homepage of astrophotographer, Rich Bowden.
Astronomy Log Images and Views of the Night Sky by UK amateur Daniel Coe.
Jamie Cooper Images Homepage of UK astrophotographer and wildlife/landscape photographer, Jamie Cooper.
Antique Scopes Educational website for Antique Telescope lovers and their history.
Stargazer Observatory Astrophotography website of the extremely talented Austrian, Dr Dietmar Hager.
Light From Infinity Homepage of Fulvio Mete, dedicated to amateur astronomical spectroscopy.
Sydney Star Gazers Viewing Conditions and Observations for Astronomers in Sydney, Australia
Eye to the Universe Homepage of Paul Milligan, with astrophotos and astronomy resources.
Equipment and Where to Buy
Bintel Popular store in Sydney and Melbourne with a reputation for quality and service
Frontier Optics Local store selling Williams Optics gear, UO eyepieces and more
Andrews Communications West Sydney store with very competitive pricing
My Astro Shop Australian Telescope and Astronomy Supplies
Telescopes and Astronomy Online-based shop in South Aus with good prices and good selection, run by an amateur astronomer.
IceTade Classifieds The Australian Astronomy Classifieds. Buy, Sell and Trade online with Australia's largest Astronomy Community.
Adelaide Optical We sell a large variety of telescopes, telescope accessories, binoculars, magnifiers & visual aids, software, and many other gadgets and accessories to customers in Adelaide and throughout Australia
SDM Telescopes Custom built 18"-30" obsession style telescopes, by Peter Read
Southern Cross Piers Local supplier of fixed and adjustable telescope piers.
Astro Optical Supplies Australia’s complete specialist optical centre for telescopes, binoculars, microscopes and more. Based in Sydney and Melbourne
Wildcard Innovations Australian-made and owned, creators of the Argo Navis Digital Telescope Computer (DTC)
GTB AstroWise Supplier of "Hepworth" freezer suits, "Husky" boots and Jaycar type products
StarStuff Custom engineered astronomical products, including dovetail bars, counterweights, piggyback kits etc.
Astronomy and Electronics Centre (AEC) Australia and New Zealand's for Takahashi professional-standard Astronomical products.
Aquila Optical & Electronics (AOE) AOE is an online retail store specialising in mail order sales, based in Sydney Australia. Providing the supply and service of quality telescopes, binoculars and other optical products and their accessories at affordable prices.
Astrovisuals Astronomy Posters, DVDs, Sky and Moon Maps, Calendars.
Mogg Adapters Custom engineered webcam adapters, DSI coolers and more.
Global-Rent-A-Scope Global Rent a Scope puts you in command! Control a network of research grade telescopes over the Internet with your web browser.
SPACETIME Science and Space Toys and other space related merchandise.
Astronomy Alive Astronomy Alive supplies a comprehensive range of commercial equipment, PLUS specialises in Grand Master Hand Crafted telescopes of exceptional quality and capability to your precise requirements.
OzScopes OZScopes is an Australian based company in Melbourne, Victoria run by a friendly and dedicated team. Our Mission is to help you find the telescopes, binoculars and optical instruments you're looking for.
Star Optics Star Optics are retailers of Telescopes, Spotting Scopes, Binoculars, and Microscopes. Plus we stock a huge range of accessories including books, software and the more unusual astronomical gift ideas.
Parkes Radio Telescope Online Shop Online shop connected to the Parkes Radio Telescope. They supply a range of good astronomy and space science books, DVDs and resources.
DGM Optics High Quality Off-Axis Newtonians and LPR/NPB Filters
News and Resources
Sky & Telescope Website for the popular US Sky & Telescope magazine. Heaps of observing resources and daily news
Universe Today Community run daily news site with discussion forums Daily news site with picture galleries etc.
Astronomy Technology Today magazine A leading astronomy equipment journal offering equipment reviews, new product and industry news announcements, how-to projects, observing tips, and much more.
Astronomy Pic of the Day Daily astronomy pic with description/explanation
Lunar Pic of the Day Daily lunar pic with description/explanation
Australian Sky & Telescope Australian sister magazine of the US Sky & Telescope, released every 6 weeks
NACAA Official homepage of the 22nd National Australian Convention of Amateur Astronomers, hosted by the MPAS in Victoria.
Southern Sky Watch Homepage of Ian Musgrave with loads of up-to-date information about our southern skies each month.
Night Sky Online Paul Floyd's Astronomy and Space News Website
Australian Astronomy Australian Astronomy is an official web site of the Astronomical Society of Australia featuring extensive links to astronomical research, teaching, and public education facilities and activities in Australia
SpaceInfo News and Information from the fascinating fields of astronomy and space exploration - by Jonathan Nally, science writer and media presenter.
Ask The Science Guru
Science and Astronomy related news podcasts by Ian Maclean. is a website which serves to raise the profile of space related activities in the UK and Europe. We provide access to resources that inform, educate, and inspire current and future space enthusiasts. The community spans all levels of interest from the curious to the professional.
Deep Sky Browser Search engine for deep sky objects
Astroscimac Up to date Astronomy books by Australian science educator and author of many science textbooks, John Wilkinson.
Montecatini Val di Cecina Astronomical Centre Italian Astronomical Observatory and Research Centre
Astronomy Resources A collection of astronomy links
NAA Telescope Calculator A handy calculator for telescope and eyepiece combinations
STAR Atlas: PRO Astronomy Software Australian-made and owned, creators of the STAR Atlas:PRO Planetarium and Star Atlas
Registax Image aligning, stacking and post-processing
Virtual Moon Atlas Moon map and shows info about moon features
Adobe Photoshop Excellent image manipulation tool for post-processing astrophotography
ImagesPlus Excellent software for Image Processing and DSLR Camera Control
DeepSkyStacker DeepSkyStacker is a freeware for astrophotographers that simplifies all the pre-processing steps of deep sky pictures, including registering and calibration, stacking and simple image processing.
The GIMP The GIMP is a free graphics creation and manipulation application similar to Adobe Photoshop
Keith's Image Stacker Image stacking program for MacIntosh users
Stellarium Stellarium is a free open source planetarium for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope.
Cartes Du Ciel (CDC) Free Sky Chart software with lots of catalogues
SkyChart III Precision Sky Simulation and Telescope Control for Windows & Macintosh
Jupiter 2 An excellent program to show a visual representation of Jupiter's  satellites and GRS transit information/predictions
Google Sky An extension to Google Earth which lets you view/explore the sky and astronomical objects
AstroClockFX This Astronomy Clock displays the current Local & UTC Date & Time, a Calendar, Local & Greenwich Sidereal Times, and the Julian Day
Dave's Astro Tools On this website you will find a number of small Windows applications developed by David Lloyd-Jones over the years. They are suitable for use by amateur astronomers.
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