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EQ5 Bearing Replacement
Submitted: Thursday, 27th September 2007 by Martin

Well Ladies/Gentlemen i used the first day of my holiday well spent. As you all know about the eq5,cg4 etc, the slop is horrible.

I have just found some small bearings that fit the wormwheel shaft perfectly. They are 6*10 stainless steel roller bearings, 3mm wide and perfect for the job. The only thing i had to do was make the OD bigger by means of rolling four bearings in electrical tape untill i had the right OD of 11.3mm.

Those bearings are a very snug fit on the shaft and are showing no slop at all. Just finished the RA side of my mount and i can say it is an great success.

The hollow nut that was used to tighten the shaft and compress the rubber "O" rings can be turned very tight now an i have no sideways movement at all.

After adjusting the RA axis the mount is very smooth and can be turned very easy without backlash (dependant on the age of the mount and gear assembly ofcourse).


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These are the bearings after being packed with electrical tape. Just put some more on then you need and take some of as needed, until it all goes tight into the block.

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Here you can see the tape more clearly.

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The original wormgear setup, looking ugly.

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And here the wormgear with the bearings fitted.

That is all you have to do to make an eq5 mount slop free. Anyone who wants me to do it for them is welcome to PM me.

The bearings are $8.90 each so it wont break the bank.

Article by Martin (mill). Discuss this article on the IceInSpace Forum.

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