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  1. New Observatory or what I like to call it, getting ready for retirement.
  2. IBC Tank observatory!
  3. Tired of continual set-ups in the cold and wet
  4. Finding Yass Valley Astronomical Society
  5. Pier question
  6. An observatory is born
  7. Yet another observatory build
  8. Uni strut for roll off roof rails.
  9. Thought on dome wheels and track please
  10. Keeping bugs/ants off a permanent pier.
  11. Tall pier advice
  12. Woodspring Observatory
  13. ROR build. Piers are a start.
  14. Heavy dew on observatory floor with roof open
  15. Dunny-doo observatory
  16. LED lights for Observatory
  17. Observatory axis N/S or E/W?
  18. RAck and Pinion for Roll off roof
  19. Sliding track and wheels.
  20. New observatory build
  21. Painting the dome
  22. some interesting design features for telescope shelters
  23. Door for Sky Shed Pod.
  24. Advice sort roll off roof
  25. C Channel
  26. Home Observatory Build
  27. Roll off roof rail
  28. New observatory roll off roof
  29. Mini load or Mix your own Question
  30. Best Observertaory building for a C8 Evolution Edge HD with Star Sense
  31. Observatory Build
  32. Oska's Rest
  33. DIY Observatory Question
  34. Calculating wall height for roll of roof observatory question.
  35. AVX Pier Design
  36. Cheap pier adaptor for Eq5
  37. Options to retrofit automation into a 2M Sirius Dome
  38. council approval
  39. NexDome no longer available in Australia
  40. Roll off Roof obs for under $700
  41. wireless fob Lesvedome control
  42. Greenline obs at Testar - thoughts?
  43. Starchaser Harts Road Krawarree.
  44. Lonely Spoon Observatory
  45. Any ideas for a micro observatory?
  46. check list for parts and ideas
  47. Im building a dome
  48. Pier Depths
  49. What to do with an old Boltwood (v1)
  50. Convert a plastic shed into a ROR
  51. Best tracks and rollers for ROR
  52. ROR with a plastic garden shed
  53. Pier build - Vic
  54. How did you build your roll off roof?
  55. Porepunkah Observatory
  56. AVX pier mount plate
  57. My diy observatory
  58. Eagleview Observatory - Construction of Australia's Highest Observatory
  59. Cedar shed ROR
  60. Building a roll off roof observatory!
  61. Dehudifier use in observatory
  62. New ROR observatory
  63. Mount/Telescope cover
  64. Motor for Roll Off Roof
  65. The dob pod
  66. Any recommended builders?
  67. Recommendations please: wireless camera to check on the mount
  68. Garage conversion advice
  69. Flexible soft-top telescope cover???
  70. dome
  71. Swan Reach Imaging Services
  72. How can I automate my obs clamshell roof
  73. Roll on roll off shed type observatory
  74. NexDome Rotation Control System
  75. Dehumidifiers in Observatories
  76. New obs - how close to my fence line?
  77. Telescope types for automated/remote observatory
  78. New observatory - agile approach
  79. Where to buy ring guide rollers?
  80. scope pad placement?
  81. Winch for slide off roof
  82. Future Observatory
  83. First stage of my home Observatory
  84. Roll off roof builder?
  85. How much sky?
  86. Raised Observatory - Versaclad
  87. Remote Dome setup
  88. New Raised Observatory. Flex problem.
  89. 3mx5m R.O.R
  90. NexDome Deck Underway South Coast
  91. Roll off roof - how did you do yours?
  92. Off grid powering the obsi
  93. New Observatory Build Help
  94. Automating my Observatory
  95. Motorizing roll off roof?
  96. Container Observatory Build.
  97. Permanent pier supplier, Melbourne
  98. Insulation for sliding shed roof
  99. Any useable removable pier options?
  100. Observatory Building Plans
  101. Anth's Observatory
  102. ROR Obsy: Chronicles of a total amateur
  103. Amateur Observatory Tours by Video
  104. Roll off roof obsy...a fundamental decision to be made
  105. Anyone in Canberra or surrounds install domes?
  106. a really small observatory?
  107. Corrosion at base of pier
  108. Astro-Smart weather and SQM
  109. New observatory
  110. Free cutting and welding for piers in Melbourne
  111. Toadhall Observatory
  112. Anyone recognise this ROR Ob??
  113. Sky shed pod flooring ideas
  114. My Observatory
  115. My Observatory
  116. Not Exactly an Observatory....Tripod Dolly
  117. NexDome Observatory Tour
  118. New obs build
  119. Filling the gap between pier and floor
  120. Split roof observatory
  121. new observatory build
  122. simple tin shed ob
  123. Leveling
  124. Weather monitor for obs
  125. To pour or buy pre-made block of cement for base?
  126. Bells Observatory 2.0
  127. Not a Dome or ROR but a solid shed for my stuff
  128. Simple question: observatories from Bunnings?
  129. Skyshed Pier
  130. New Elivated Peir Construction Q's
  131. After 12 years the Cat5 cable gave up the ghost!
  132. Swirius Dome and MaxDomeII TSX Integration
  133. My new Mt Pleasant ROR observatory
  134. I am re building my observatory when we move
  135. Tinderbox Micro Observatory
  136. New observatory (simple)
  137. Sky Watching Cams
  138. Wine Barrel Observatory
  139. ROR automation - How to connect to SGP?
  140. How essential is a deep-sunk pier
  141. Backyard obs planning
  142. R2-D2 Observatory
  143. 5m by 3m RoR... are you happy with yours?
  144. Dome automation?
  145. Insulation of Observatory
  146. Weather sensor and roller roof motor
  147. Observatory Issues/Questions
  148. Pier height & placement in dome
  149. Gnat is ready to go
  150. Thick-walled pier pipe supplier
  151. Steel chain vibration damping
  152. Steel pier - gussets or not?
  153. Observatory maintenance
  154. Sell it, Give it away, or Demolish it?
  155. Roll off roof automation-just the basics.
  156. Custom designed modular observatories
  157. CCD Calculator
  158. Automation questions....
  159. Large V-Groove Castors
  160. Elevated Sirius Observatory
  161. Temporary cover
  162. DIY Ob
  163. ROR Dobservatory Build
  164. Remote power switch for observatory
  165. ROR Gantry Framing
  166. Gore calculator
  167. JEN'S DREAM R.O.R. OBS - finally becoming a reality
  168. Kiwidome rotation automation
  169. Another roll off in a Melbourne Suburb. will it FLY?
  170. New ROR build
  171. Telescope pads - construction advice.
  172. My new DIY website for Arcadia Observatory
  173. Roll off roof system for ROR obs
  174. Light Screen Needed
  175. Raising the observatory
  176. Ob Maintenace
  177. Position of Pier
  178. Hey look! A new Dome has popped up.
  179. The cube.
  180. DIY observatory at Malta
  181. J bolts
  182. Motel-O-Scope as an observatory
  183. Cages on piers?
  184. pier
  185. My FIRST observatory
  186. Setting up the home position magnet for maxdome controller
  187. A home-made DIY 2.2m square dome -full details
  188. The Truncated Trap
  189. Eagle Rock Observatory - Construction Sequence
  190. Bundled steel posts as pier?
  191. Automated observatory roof (closing)
  192. motorising sliding roof
  193. Another Observatory but 1 storey up.
  194. resin shed as an observatory
  195. Advice on mobile observatory
  196. Another ROR possibly?
  197. Play equipment?
  198. Using boulder as pier footing?
  199. Max Dome II on a Sirius dome
  200. Building permit for telescope dome
  201. Sustainable Dome House
  202. DIY Mini Observatory
  203. Upgraded to ROR
  204. Another condensation thread
  205. A Plan before the main plan.
  206. the new Somnium observatory
  207. Dome or roll away shed?
  208. How big and tall is your ror obs?
  209. Cabling a remote observatory - through the mount or bundled cables?
  210. Automating a roll off obs
  211. Supplier / Manufacturer of Steel Pier in NZ?
  212. Roll off Roof question...
  213. An observatory from an old cubby house
  214. The start of the Backyard Obs.
  215. Obs build 5 yrs on now
  216. pier tops
  217. Ob finally complete with piers
  218. Observatory under way!
  219. Alternative to Concrete Footings - A Case Study
  220. sky shed pod
  221. Nexdome in Oz?
  222. Putting the Band Back Together
  223. pad for pier
  224. ROR observatory floor options
  225. Chullibun observatory.
  226. Dust covers etc in remote observatory
  227. Custom Dome Rolling Track
  228. reroof roll off to dome
  229. Just A Thought on the Pod Observatory
  230. Building Time!
  231. Foolproof rain detection successful!
  232. Difficulty rotating Sirius dome - tips appreciated
  233. re RO and Dome
  234. In-ground power box
  235. Another Sirius Attempt -Wobblesock II
  236. Basteroid Observatory
  237. The flip top astro shed.
  238. Portable pier
  239. Teamviewer to Monitor SGP
  240. DIY Dome software/hardware?
  241. Beat up old dome
  242. why is round pipe used?
  243. My backyard roll off roof observatory
  244. New observatory: ScopeDome 3M
  245. Heat insulation
  246. Off grid power system for observatory
  247. Best electric roll off roof system
  248. Alternative parts for builds?
  249. Pier Mounting
  250. Freezer panel observatory problems?