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IceInSpace is a community website dedicated to promoting amateur astronomy in the southern hemisphere - including Australia, New Zealand, South America, Southern Africa and parts of Asia. We aim to help stargazers from around the world discover, discuss and enjoy the beauty of our night sky.

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  Image Of The Week
99% Full Moon

This beautifully sharp image of the Moon was captured on the 5th December, when the Moon was 99% illuminated. The photo is a stack of the best 75% of 86 shots, taken with a Nikon D5300 on a Celestron ED80. The images were then stacked in Registax with minor processing in CS6. The crater Tycho is the prominent impact crater on the right, with streams of ejecta rays up to 1500km long. Tycho is a relatively young crater, estimated to be approx 108 million years old.
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A Bad Week for Space Flight

A bad week for Spaceflight

It's been a pretty bad week for Spaceflight.

First, an Orbital Sciences Corp. Antares rocket exploded just seconds after take-off, erupting into a huge fireball. The good news: No-one was harmed. It was an uncrewed vehicle; no people were on board and there were no injuries at the launch site. It was loaded with supplies and experiments for the International Space Station, and was Orbital's third such resupply mission.

At a cost of $200 million, it's certainly a set-back but hopefully investigations can uncover the cause quickly, fixes made and launches can get underway again. The crew on the ISS were in no danger; they have plenty of supplies onboard, and a Russian Progress vehicle was launched and took supplies to the ISS successfully just days later.

For more information and plenty of videos, check out Phil Plait's article: Antares Rocket Explodes on Take-off.

Secondly, just a few days later, the Virgin Galactic private suborbital rocket plane SpaceShipTwo suffered a major malfunction and crashed in the Mojave Desert. The co-pilot was killed and the pilot was seriously injured.
Investigations are still ongoing, but again Phil Plait has a nice piece on Slate which is a great read. Space flight is hard, but we must continue the journey!

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Incredible view of Earth from the the far side of the Moon

China’s Chang’e 5 spacecraft rounded the lunar far side earlier this week, on the return leg of its journey to the moon and took this spectacular picture of the Earth over the far side of the Moon.

Captured on October 28, 2014, from Earth the phase of the moon was a waxing crescent. From the moon that day, the Earth was in a waning gibbous phase.

The Chinese Chang’e 5 spacecraft, which is testing lunar sample return technology, has rounded the lunar far side and is now on the return leg of its journey to the moon. It is landed back on Earth on Friday, October 31, 2014. See a bigger picture and read more on EarthSky.

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