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Old 05-10-2020, 06:56 AM
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October Photo Challenge - Entries (Please Post them here)

The Topic this month, thanks to Buck and John W, is "A geological formation"

* This thread is only for posting your entry, together with any comments/explanation/details you'd like to issue concerning your own photo.
[sometimes this may help sway the judges]
* However, comments on other people's entries, or any "other" shots of your own you'd like to share, should be posted to the Comments and Rejects Thread -> HERE.
* And, it's only one entry (that's just one image) per person (but you can change it out at any time if you get a better one)
* Importantly, the image must be your "own work" [which means you either took the shot or were instrumental in the planning and execution of the shot] and
* all other normal forum rules, and image size limits, apply.

The image doesn't necessarily have to be taken this month, but, if you can it is the object of the challenge,

In this regard, YES, the image may be one that you have previously posted, unless of course it has already been voted a previous photo challenge winner.

The winner of the public vote, which will be run at the end of the month, will get to choose next month's topic and have their photo immortalised in our "Photo Challenge Hall of Fame".

Good Luck!

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Old 05-10-2020, 07:07 PM
jbdave (David)
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Taken in a cave in Tasmania on a trip just before Melbourne's lockdown
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Old 06-10-2020, 07:10 PM
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Hole in the Rock

The 'Hole in the Rock' Bay of Islands, New Zealand.
A volcanic plug eroded by the ocean over eons.
Note the 'face' above the hole.
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Old 07-10-2020, 09:55 AM
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Faraglioni Rocks, Capri

The Faraglioni Rocks, Capri on a fabulous sunny day. The Faraglione di Mezzo is characterized by a central cavity, large enough for our small boat to pass through and was awe inspiring.
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jahnpahwa (JP)
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The Moai - Tasman Penninsula, Tas

Climbed this wonderful thing on my 40th birthday trip to Tas this year. Lived there for a few years, learned to climb there, sort of wish we hadn't left. Lots of good friends still there, including some fantastic climbing partners. This was a very good day.
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Old 07-10-2020, 12:54 PM
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Argentinian landscape

Caused by wind and rain erosion.
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Old 07-10-2020, 04:01 PM
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Australian Geological Formation

The Bungle Bungles,
was only "discovered" by a film team in 1983.
In the Kimberley, in Western Australia.
The 240,000-hectare Purnululu national park has now received UNESCO World Heritage listing.
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Old 09-10-2020, 01:22 PM
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zenith (Tim)
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Anglesea - Great Ocean Road

Rocky outcrop at Point Roadknight.

Apparently a mix of Calcarenite and Eolianite, but I'm just quoting from a website:


Calcarenite is a type of limestone that is composed predominantly, more than 50 percent, of detrital (transported) sand-size (0.0625 to 2 mm in diameter), carbonate grains. The grains consist of sand-size grains of either corals, shells, ooids, intraclasts, pellets, fragments of older limestones and dolomites, other carbonate grains, or some combination of these.

Eolianite or aeolianite is any rock formed by the lithification of sediment deposited by aeolian processes; that is, the wind. In common use, however, the term refers specifically to the most common form of eolianite: coastal limestone consisting of carbonate sediment of shallow marine biogenic origin, formed into coastal dunes by the wind, and subsequently lithified. It is also known as kurkar in the Middle East, miliolite in India and Arabia, and grès dunaire in the eastern Mediterranean. They are understood to have formed during the last one million years, and it is thought that the timing of deposition is related to sea level, but the nature of that relationship remains the subject of some debate.
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Old 10-10-2020, 10:41 AM
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Nikolas (Nik)
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12 apostles at sunset earlier this year when we were allowed to travel.
Only about 8 left now
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Old 10-10-2020, 05:03 PM
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Derek Klepp
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Channel Country

Formed by the inland rivers of Australia
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Old 16-10-2020, 09:09 AM
John W (John Wilkinson)
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Frozen in Time

These limestone formations are within the Namburg National Park near Cervantes WA. The structures (called the Pinnacles) stand up to 3.5 m high and were formed 25,000 - 30,000 years ago after the sea receded and left deposits of sea shells. Over time coastal wind removed the surrounding sand leaving these pillars exposed to the elements. 1/400 sec x iso 100. Canon 550d.
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Change of Geo. Formation

I took this in So,. Utah. one of the "three Sisters monuments.
Exposed for Sunrise Exposed for Sunset. (Camera in exact place)
Put the two together --- Perfect lighting for sunrise & sunset.
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Old 26-10-2020, 03:29 PM
Tropo-Bob (Bob)
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As the Barron River cascades through the mountains on its way to the Coral Sea, it forms the Barron Gorge. White water rafting is regularly conducted by tourist operators.
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Old 26-10-2020, 04:09 PM
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Loch Ard Gorge and Mutton Bird Island, Victoria

Stunning coastline of southern Victoria near the Port Campbell National Park. Loch Ard Gorge with its sandy bay at far right, and Mutton Bird Island is at far left. Taken at Island Arch Lookout in November 2016.
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Old 27-10-2020, 08:57 AM
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Nothing like a little sandstone and many millennia of rain.
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Old 30-10-2020, 11:28 PM
Astronovice (Calvin)
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Cobbold Gorge

Magical Cobbold Gorge in FNQ

Hampstead Sandstone gorge in outback Queensland, this is Queensland’s youngest gorge geologically.
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