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Lightbulb New to photography - what do i need

ok. firstly i have no idea where to start and where to start looking so i hope someone can point me straight in the right direction here.

a little bit of background about me past observing experiences.. i use to own a 8" dobsonian scope and i went on a few dark sky nights when i lived back in bris....

ok. here are my questions....

firstly.... what telescope should i be looking at for astrophotography. would this do as an entry level telescope ... Meade ETX-125 UHTC Telescope Autostar #497. priced through US ebay is approx AU$400 before shipping with out dollar at the moment. or should i save up and get a Meade LX200 8" from US$600... both seam to have goto systems...

also what is the best scope speed to get F5, f10, ???

if say i bought the ETX-125 with goto what else would i need to aquire in order to start taking photo's. are the use of CCD cameras worth the money or should i be looking at something more.. can i use my Digital video camera.

how expensive are extras for the ETX-125 should i have to purchase additional addons and camera or other accessories to get me started in photography and how easy is it to link all this straight into my computer to view from there... can i run the telescope from my computer so it becomes totally hands free.

I'm looking at taking photos of planets, but would perfer to take photos of galaxy's and star clusters, gasses and the like....

I want to get into this, but it's not going to be my number 1 calling in life so i want to spend as little money as possible (yes i know, it's a contradictory statement)... i don't want to sound like a tight ass, but i would like to view the stars once again...

i'm not stuck on these 2 telescopes, barely giving them as an example of what i am currently looking at.. i'm not in a huge hurry to buy as i don't want to waste $$$ on scope A when scope B will do a better job and is cheaper.. if you get my drift.

and to those who are taking the time to read this and answer my questions i give a big "THANK YOU" in advance for your knowledge and time and hopefully i can get moving in the coming months.

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also when it comes to buying a telescope there is a small possibility that i can get one at Cost.. but this depends greatly as the potential supplier will be through a Tasco supplier..

if this helps with a scope suggestion please fire away. i will try and get a list of scopes on monday.
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I think that an ETX would be an exercise in frustration to use to photograph deep sky objects. It would be quite good for planets with a webcam as the imager however.
I don't think there is a simple cheap option for deep space imaging. I use an EQ6 with a 200mm vixen scope but a shorter focal length scope would be easier to start with. A ~80mm refractor and a digital SLR on as big a mount that you can afford would be about the best to start with. If you want to get a bigger scope in the future then the refractor can be used as a guide scope.

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i am also looking at this topic and these two threads might be of interest and some help:


and this article for planetary imaging:

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