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Image of the Week
IOTW for 31 January 2011
Image Of The Week
Saturn, storm and spokes!

This beautiful image of Saturn was captured with an SPX350 (350mm newtonian) at F30.6, with a Flea3 webcam and Astrodon filters. The image is unique in that not only is it a very sharp image captured in very steady seeing, but it has also captured 'spokes' on the rings of Saturn - a phenomenon previously only seen by the Voyager and Cassini spacecraft, now recently recorded by amateurs from Earth. They appear to occur around the time of Saturn's equinox, perhaps when the ring tilt is just right.

Previous Images of the Week

Date Author Title
19 Dec prokyon The Pleiades Star Cluster (M45)
05 Dec Martin Pugh Melotte 15 (IC1805) in Cassiopeia
28 Nov Troy Jupiter with the GRS, Io and its shadow
21 Nov richardo NGC2014 and others near the LMC
14 Nov Ken Crawford NGC1491 Cathedral of Light
07 Nov nandopg The 2nd Best Globular Cluster, 47 Tuc
24 Oct gregbradley Supernova 2011gv in Galaxy IC4901
17 Oct SkyViking The Distant Worlds of Uranus and Neptune
10 Oct marco Deep Centaurus A
03 Oct jase The Pipe Nebula (LDN 1773)
26 Sep Dietmar Starburst Galaxy, M82
19 Sep Dennis Active Sunspot Region 1289
12 Sep John Hothersall NGC6164 - Hot Star Bubble
05 Sep Martin Pugh M27 - The Dumbbell Planetary Nebula
29 Aug gregbradley Comet Garradd C/2009 P1
22 Aug Ross G The Andromeda Galaxy (M31)
15 Aug atalas The Jewel Box Cluster in Crux
08 Aug Leonardo70 IC5146 - The Cocoon Nebula
01 Aug frewi8 Beautiful Early Season Jupiter
25 Jul Paul Haese Dusty Nebula in Sagittarius
18 Jul lebowski The Veil Nebula in Narrowband
11 Jul von Tom 58% Waxing Gibbous Moon
04 Jul Tom Davis Dust and Stars in Serpens
27 Jun floastro M101 - The Pinwheel Galaxy
20 Jun Grahame Total Lunar Eclipse
06 Jun jjjnettie The Galactic Center
30 May iceman Saturated Colour Full Moon
23 May strongmanmike The Fighting Dragons of ARA - NGC6188
16 May Grahame NGC5128 - Centaurus A Galaxy
06 May StephenM May 1 Conjunction over Brisbane City
29 Apr telemarker M16 in Narrowband
18 Apr mental4astro Astro Sketch of Eta Carinae Nebula
11 Apr Leonardo70 A Whirlpool in the Sky (M51)
04 Apr marco Deep Large Magellanic Cloud Mosaic
28 Mar avandonk Eta Carinae and Centaurus Mosaic
21 Mar Astroman Perigee Full Moon
14 Mar marco Barnards Loop around Orion
07 Mar Lester The Horsehead and Flame Nebula
28 Feb Peter Ward Massive Looping Solar Prominence
21 Feb alexch Omega Centauri, Globular Cluster
14 Feb Octane NGC3372, the Eta Carina Nebula
07 Feb marc4darkskies The Spider's Web - Tarantula Nebula
31 Jan John Hothersall Saturn, storm and spokes!
24 Jan gregbradley M78 to LDN1622 and Barnards Loop
17 Jan richardo The Gem Cluster and NGC3324
10 Jan Stevec35 Tarantula Nebula in Hubble Palette
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