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Originally Posted by Atmos View Post
I do have to agree with one comment Greg made, Nikon do use a LOT of Sony sensors and do take better images than a Sony camera. This is because as Greg mentioned, they're newer to the game. Nikon has invested a considerable amount of time and money (years and millions) into algorithms designed for cleaning up noise within images, even their RAW. This is one of the big improvements that Nikon has over Sony and also why Nikon in recent years have gone over their 12mp limit that they had up until about 6ish years ago. One of the reasons they have gone over that is because of noise cancellation algorithms.
And the low noise of the Sony sensors at high ISO.
Sony bought out some company to get the Exmor tech which is basically having the analogue to digital converters actually on the sensor not a separate circuit board like on Canon. The longer the distance the signal has to travel the higher the noise and this is one big area where the Sony gets ahead with low noise in dim areas.

Sony also has a patent sharing agreement with Optina who have many patents in CMOS sensors. One of which is showing up in the latest Sony A7s where the ISO noise level drops a few times as you go up the ISO levels as it changes a gain factor in 2 places. This increases the dynamic range. Not massively but every bit gained is valuable.

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Originally Posted by edelweiss View Post
Hello everyone, this is my second post regarding dslr for beginner after few months.

I'm interested in buying dslr but for both normal use (especially landscape pics) and astrophotography

Someone suggested me 550d or 650d in the first post, but seems like those 2 are no longer available in the market

Right now i'm down into 2 choices ; canon 700d or 750d (if i'm not mistaken, these are successors for those 2 above, correct me if i'm wrong). Any people wants to share their experience of using these 2? Or perhaps suggesting other dslr?

Or suggesting me any website/shop that sell dslr at cheaper/decent price. I live in Perth btw

PS:This is my first dslr

EDITED: what about 100d vs 700d?the price between these 2 is not that different
Any DSLR, mirrorless, 4/3 camera will take very good to reasonable astro images. But the same cannot be said using camera lenses for astro. Camera lenses can be very limiting and good glass is important, unless the camera will be fitted to a telescope.
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Here is a link to Alan Dyer's "Digital Astrophotography Top DSLR Cameras
(as of September 2015)" as an addendum to Chapter 13 of his
"Backyard Astronomer's Guide" -

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