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Old 19-07-2018, 05:08 AM
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Nikon P1000, a real planetary camera or a gimmick ?

Nikon released this superzoom (yes, 125x Optical, not digital!) and it has a virtual FL of 24-3000mm equivalent. But it has a small 1/2.3" (4.5x6mm) sensor which is a crop factor of 6, so actually it is 4-500 real mm range and at 500mm it is f/8 so its objective diameter is 60mm when fully zoomed in.
It shows even the Moon image covering, and when I calculate (it is 16MP: 4608 x 3456 pixels), so one pixel is 1.3 micron wide, no better than a phone cam.

IMHO, this is, just like a phone cam, nice when enough light, and maybe filming Jupiter and postprocessing with Autostakkert might show some results, but the Jupiter image at 500mm is only 0.1mm = about 70 pixels wide, but at 1/30 second it might be too dim.

Holding a phone cam behind an eyepiece of a telescope with decent aperture and more magnification and Autostakking the video will have a better result.

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Old 23-07-2018, 02:36 PM
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not really a gimmick but very much a tripod camera as trying to focus on anything hand held at 3000mm is impractical. However with raw and a travel tracking mount it could be a good travel/budget solution, I use an FZ1000 for same reason on my vixen. Be aware though small tracking mounts have poor tracking with long focal lengths, I think polarie is about 200mm and my testing confirmed I couldnt push passed that with star trails, so check specs of tracker first. Maybe its a camera for high rise apartment bedroom peepers?
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Old 23-07-2018, 11:31 PM
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Diameter of the lens is proportional to resolution. So if it's only 60mm, then the images it produces will only be as good as a 60mm refractor. I wouldn't call a 60mm refractor a planetary telescope.
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