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Ian Robinson
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Sob :( My old Epson Stylus CX6500 has died.

Been a great combo printer outfit and it's had a caning.

No longer stays on when I press the on button. Probably not a viable proposition to send it Epsom's local repairer for repair.

Any suggestions on a good inkjet combo to replace it.

I'm leaning towards another Epson, either a http://www.epson.com.au/products/mul...hotoTX710W.asp
or a
I have no need to print bigger than A4 at this stage.

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I have a Epson TX110 multi-function, the cheaper end of the market. Officeworks has it on a sale at the moment for $57. It goes well, albeit quite slow on photo quality.

I thought it was ridiculous that a full set of Epson ink cartridges for it would actually cost more. I then found though that despite the cartridges being chipped, I could get generic ones anyway. A bit better priced.

Of course, what they are selling us is ink, lots of it. Next time I'm looking for the most efficient ink use. I think Brother is now the only brand for which you can get really cheap generic unchipped ink cartridges.

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I must have spent at least $1000 on inkjet printers over the last 12 years and managed to successfully print about 50 colour pages and 20 photos in that period. I now have a HP5280 that I use only or printing on CD's. Estimated cost over $10 per page, with CD's now about $2.00 based on cost of ink only. For plain letter pages I had a HP 5P Laser.

If I need the occasional photo it is far cheaper to get them done at the local photo shop.

For other printing I use a Konica colour laser that I have had for five years (three sets of cartridges) and something like 10000 sheets. The cost has dropped to under 12c per page.

The printer is only a single side printer so I get a lot of waste from errors when printing double sides. When the current cartridges run out I will invest in a quality double side printer.

I do a lot of printing of Meccano manuals for friends. Many 200 pages plus that I bind in various methods.

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Ian Robinson
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I've narrowed it down to two multifunction combos with builtin WIFI.

EPSON TX810FW see http://www.epson.com.au/products/mul...otoTX810FW.asp
not released in Australia yet so I have to settle for the ESPON TX800FW see http://www.epson.com.au/products/mul...lusTX800FW.asp

Or a CANON PIXMA MP990 see

I am not fully driven by price BUT the best cash prices I have been quoted are :
EPSON TX800FW = $320
CANON MP990 = $249 (on SPECIAL and only 2 left at that store - I've put one on hold and am likely to finalise tomorrow unless this is not as good a combo as the TX800/810FW, my last two printers were both Epson Stylus printers and I was very pleased with them and they lasted many years before they wore out).
Best cash prices from everyone else were in the range $350-$360.

If anyone has one of these - how well does it reproduce photo colours in prints up to A4 ?
How good is the scanner ?
How well do the cartridges last ?

Both are 6 colour printers.
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