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What to do with slides these days?

Hello all,

I'm having a bit of a clean out and I've got several sets of commercial astronomy slides on the shelf - the ones that Astrovisuals used to sell. There are some lovely pics there, quite a few by David Malin but also NASA, but what to do with them now everythings gone digital? Ditch them? Keep them as a curiosity for the future? I'm going to get my personal ones scanned but since these sets are commercial ones I'm wondering what I can do with them.
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Dont throw them away!

Hold onto them! OR donate them to an Astronomy Club!
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I'd definitely keep them. Slides are always good to flick through on occasions when you stumble upon them. They always look good.

I also don't fully trust digital storage (even though I completely rely upon it) so it's nice to have slides that won't get affected by the odd power spike, virus or EM burst sometime in the future.

I think it's just a case of finding a safe & compact way to store them so they aren't clutter. I still have all mine in filing cabinets and 4-ring files. If I had a set lying around like you have there I'd probably just buy an extra couple of sheets for the filing cabinet and put them in there with the rest.
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