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NGC 1365 sketch 6/1/11

Hi everyone,

It has been fairly cloudy recently but then it cleared for this wonderful night.

I started off by observing Jupiter which was a bit blurry and I could tell the seeing wasn't going to be too good tonight.

I was reading a book and it said that there was a nice cluster in Canis major and so I went and found it.

Ngc 2362- This cluster was surrounding a bright star Tau CMA which I'm not sure is associated with the open cluster.It looked magnificent with a right amount of bright stars and dim stars.Beautifull.

As i was searching for this cluster I stumbled upon a double star later to be identified as 145 CMA.

145 CMA-This was a beautiful pair of contrasting colours the primary of a a yellow-orange colour and the secondary as a blue gray colour it was a quite a sight and easily separated at 100x magnification.If your looking for a colorfull double star I would recommend this one.

Then I decided to sketch ngc 1365(attached).The seeing was buggering me as I was not able to discern the arms easily this night as the last time I observed this showing how seeing conditions affect not only planets but also deep sky objects.I could only just see them in averted vision.But I decided to sketch the galaxy like how I saw it last time and this time and added them together so a warning to say that the galaxy does not look like this straight away in my scope it took patience and a lot of averted vision,to get the overall picture.Anyway I am happy with the end result.

Cheers Orestis
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Great job seeing the arms in NGC 1365! My skies are not up to the task. And good advice on observing faint objects!

Tau CMa is an actual member of the cluster, and what a lovely sight it is. Always been one of my fave open clusters since the first time I spotted it with my old 60mm tasco.

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Great sketch and a perfectly valid technique. In fact it highlites the value of the process. You can build up an image of something that you may never see as a whole.
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A very impressive sketch, Orestis. And very good observing to see that amount of detail with a small scope. I love the Tau Canis Majoris cluster - its very beautiful. One of my favourites
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Orestis, mate, what an effort!

My first reaction on see your sketch was "No S**t!! Freaking excellent!"

Mate, I'm just typing this up, thinking what the sky was doing, hoping to get a few moments at the eyepiece, and <whoooshhh> a huge rain shower has just killed any thought, . Didn't even get to finish the third sentence before the downpour, .
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Thanks everyone,

Good to see that tau canis majoris cluster is impressive.i might give it a visit soon and make a sketch.its been a along time since i have made a sketch of an open cluster so I can have a bit of practice aswell.

cheers Orestis
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