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Which Imaging Device

Little help over here. A $99 Meade eye piece. Is this the reason for my very fuzzy moon images using a 80ED with a HEQ5 goto mount? Any suggestions as to a better imaging device within reason.... being $500 or less or will I have to spend more?

Also might be a stupid question but will buying a synscan GPS avoid the need to do a polar alignment? Because I have just moved and my southern view is totally obstructed by trees.

Thanks guys,
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I assume you are referring to an "Electronic Eyepiece" or a simple cmos camera.
It should provide good results on the moon, if not, check if it needs cleaning, but at short focal lengths, dont expect good sharp images when you increase the image by zooming using software.

With the GPS , this will only give your scope the correct time and location.
It will do nothing for your mounts pointing accuracy. If your scope scope fixed at one location, then you only need the data once.
You still need to do polar alignment to get the mount as close to to the South pole.

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