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Capturing AVIs

Hi all

This is actually my second question coming from efforts to image Io transiting Jupiter this morning. I put my other question in the Software and Computers forum.

I use IC Capture with my DMK, and I am curious to see if I am doing things the "easiest" way.

When I do my capturing, I prepare by creating three files (or sometimes 4) on my laptop with names based on what I am trying to image. The last part of the name is the colour channel I am going to be using ie red, green, blue. This way, I can then quickly move from one filter to the next and save a separate avi for each channel.

This morning, after giving this the normal run, I decided to simply have one avi, and I paused the recording while I changed filters. I then ended up with one avi three times longer than normal. But it was easier to do in the dark. (well, as dark as a full moon would allow!!)

I am curious which way most of you do it.

The one problem I have encountered is separating the one long avi. I took note of where the recording was upto when I changed filters, then tried to find that frame when I exported my avi's.

And this is my third question. Using the "pause and resume" method, if I made a mistake and got the transition point wrong so that there were some green frames in with the red channel, would it make much of a difference to the final image?

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Hi Darell,

I think the best way is to capture 3 separate AVI's of the Red, Green and Blue channels. This will eliminate the possibility of accidently adding the wrong colour channels to each other.

Another way is to do what you have been doing and capture just one AVI and record what frame number you have paused on. You can then refer back to that frame knowing exactly where you have paused and separate the AVI into three parts.

I think capturing 3 separate AVIs would be much easier saving time and effort cutting it back into 3 parts.

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Have a look at using VirtualDub. Its one of the best and easiest for capturing avis from any camera. It takes a while to master but very very good.
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Hi Darrell.

I used to do what you're doing - capture one long single avi and then split it out using virtual dub. I did it that way because my IC Capture and DMK21AF04 was flaky on my laptop - and sometimes pressing record wouldn't actually record and it would stall after about 5 seconds. So to eliminate the possibility of that happening during a run of good seeing, once I got it to start recording, I wouldn't stop recording until the end - I'd also leave it recording while I changed filter so I could easily see where the break was in virtual dub.

It worked and was a way around my problem, but it did take longer and was more annoying, having to keep track of which frame each filter started and stopped at, etc.

When I got my DMK21AU04, I no longer had the issue of recording halting or pausing, so I started capturing separate avi's for each colour channel. It's much easier to save the bitmaps out in virtual dub because I don't need to think of it.

I save the avi's using the auto-file-naming in IC Capture, by putting a sequence number and the date/time in the filename. After i've finished capturing the 3 channels, I'll go to windows explorer and rename them to indicate the colour channel that was recorded. It's quicker and easier to do it this way rather than at capture time, because you want to be able to start capturing the next channel as quickly as possible.

So my original filenames for 2 consecutive capture runs might be:

I then rename then using windows explorer to be:

So they sort correctly, and can easily identify what colour channel and run it belongs to, and the date/time is needed for getting the CM1/2/3 values for submitting the images to the guys that analyse them.

I hope that helps.
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