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Atik 314L+ Issue! Is it dead?

Hi All

I seem to have developed a problem with my Atik 314L+. I suspect my camera is now dead, but if anyone has a suggestion, I would really appreciate it.

The camera is about 5 years old (I think). It has worked fine, but due to the weather, I haven't used it for about 5 months. The last 2 nights on the Gold Coast have been beautiful and clear, so I thought I would get the gear out.

However, the Atik will only take 3 or 4 shots that are fine, then all goes black. I can turn the camera off and back on then get another 2 or 3 shots. But the exposures cannot be any longer than 10 seconds. If they are, I just get a black image.

I have attached three samples. A 2 second, a 5 second, then a 20 second exposure.

A camera that can only make three exposures of less than 10 seconds before requiring a reboot is a bit pointless.

I have upgraded all my software (not that this should matter). I have left the temperature settings turned off.

Other than buy a new camera, which is what I think I will have to do, does anyone have a suggestion?

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I'm sure you've already thought of it but I would rule out all the cheap bits first. Have you tried a different power supply? and USB cable?
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I use the ATiK 314 for spectroscopy....
I would double check the power connection. It needs a good strong supply.
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I noticed your comment about "leaving temperature settings off." So, with temp control "on" you get the same problem? Perhaps with temp off it is overheating.

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Thanks for the advice.

Yes I did look at the power supply first and changed batteries, then did a swap on the USB cable. No luck. After reading the posts, I tried another USB cable, then another.

I don't understand this, but on the third cable it worked. Now the first (original) USB cable is the one that I have always used with it. Why would it just stop working? But anyway, I am happy that it is working.

I am happy it works, and even more happy that we are now getting some good clear weather at night.
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I'd say you've had a dodgy connection at the USB plug. It's sat round for 5 months exposed to good ol' air and oxidised slightly. A few insert\remove actions has scraped it clean and you have broken the surface coat resistance.
We use a stuff called De-Oxit on network cable connections for the same reason. Voltage is low, Current is low, doesn't take too much resistance to reduce delivery of both or either and you have comms problems. USB connectors are similar and not very robust.
A tiny wipe of CRC\WD40 on the wire fingers in the plug and on the cable end will keep them clean of film corrosion.
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