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Imaging scope on top or side by side?


I am trying to get some equipment going for a school that purchased it in September 2011 and it has not been out of the box yet.

They have a Vixen R200SS, an HEQ5Pro and as a guide scope a Skywatcher ED80. They received a side by side mounting system however the Vixen plate when I put it in and tighten it is only supported by a millimetre when screwed up tight. I figure if I put an aluminium plate on top using the two screws that are used to support the leather handle I could screw the ED80 using the two screws for the tube rings to give me a guide scope that is not adjustable but would allow them to get going.

Any advice????

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Smile Possible solution

Hi Mark,
Is the school going to take photographs? If so then the piggyback may work, if not it will be harder to use for visual for 2 students than a side by side system.I recently had to solve the same problem with a vixen side by side plate and countersinking the screws into the vixen dovetail bar with a 90 degree countersink drill bit allowed the dovetail to sit flush in the saddle and gave better grip.
I am also on the Sunshine Coast and happy to show you what i mean if it will help. I also have the right drill bit.
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