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First time DSLR user - how to achieve focus?

Guys a quick question before my first use of a DSLR (Canon 400D).

How do you achieve focus?

Just roughly - is it a look in the viewfinder at something bright like Sirus, then try dimmer objects, or do you download images straight to your PC monitor and focus from teh sharpness of the image on the PC?

Many thanks!!


Linkage to focus guide for idiots would be appreciated!
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DSLR focus or images plus both have a focusing section in each program.

It does this by downloading images to your PC but the difference you say is it gives stats that you cant see by eye to fine tune focus.

Well worth the money both these programs.
I would be checking if the 400 is supported in both these programs first.

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DSLR Focus I'm informed yesterday doesn't support the 400D - yet!

Also I don't yet have the Shoestring Astronomy PCUSB Digial Shutter control adapter for long duration shots, but I did get DSLR Shutter on my PC to command the camera yesterday.

So its the manual set-up test tonight I guess!
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There are a couple of ways that I used before getting DSLR Focus (300D) and they depend on what sort of photography you are thinking of. Widefield using a standard camera lense, I have been known to hold an eyepiece up to the viewfinder and use that. Some lenses seem to work while others don't. I then focus on the brightest light in distance I can find. About 20 km for me.

Hint: make sure you adjust the viewfinder diopter adjustment for your eyes first.

If you are widefielding it using an Orion ED80 you can try the previous technique or try using a hartmann mask.
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Does anyone know if dslrfocus has "native" support for 5d?
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