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Startrek (Martin)
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Star Stuff 2020 Byron Bay

Anyone going to Star Stuff 2020 at Byron Bay in July ??
Id like to go as a first timer but maybe OS in July / August
Comments ?
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RugbyRene (Rene)
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I’m going. First timer. Bought my tickets, booked the flights and hotel. Can’t wait.

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strongmanmike (Michael)
Woohoo it's clear

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Some great speakers there, can't wait, should be interesting I am sure

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The_bluester (Paul)
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My wife, son and I will be there. Second time for them and third for me. Part of a much longer holiday for us.
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BlackSheep (Karl)
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Yep me too. First time. Am a follower of both Dylan and Trevor (Astrobackyard) who were both the people that gave me the comfort to jump down the rabbit hole in the last few months and get into this hobby. Will be travelling up from Canberra . Wanted to go to the dinner too but am way to introverted for that!! haha
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StarChildDazee (Dazeford)
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Yup, me too. First time too.
Have bought my ticket but still need to sort accom. Thinking of dragging my caravan down to Byron as its only about 1 1/2hrs drive from Brisvagas for me. Makes for a less expensive weekend. Plus I can load up my scope etc and have somewhere safe n secure to store it during the day...
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Only here for Classifieds

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Yup, will be there and will look forward to meeting you guys.
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JimsShed (Jim)
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Yep third time for me. Second time for my wife.
If you're not there, then you're nowhere!

PS: In the past Bintel have given a discount for gear ordered or bought at the event. I assume the same will apply again. Can anyone here confirm this?
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