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Large format CCD options


I've been using my STF8300m and decided its time to move on to a bigger CCD mainly for the larger FOV.

any suggestions apart from the Kodak 11k chips?
I do want reliability and have had bad experiences with qhy so will be staying away from that brand.

it'll be on my 10inch F4 CF newt that I won't be changing.

I did think of getting the 0.73x reducer corrector from ASA as a much cheaper option in increasing my fov plus making it an F2.9. are there any issues with this approach apart from collimation?


or is it better to go with a larger ccd

1x - F4
5.4 x 5.4um
1.11 arcscec/pix
FOV - 46.4 x 61.7

0.73x - F2.9
5.4 x 5.4um
1.52 arcsec/pix
FOV - 63.6 x 84.5

9 x 9 um
1.85 arcsce/pix
FOV - 126 x 126 arcmin

12 x 12um
2.47 arcsec/pix
FOV - 125.9 x 125.9 arcmin


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The specs of that reducer say that it will not cover a kaf8300 chip. I looked at it a while ago, and decided that I would rather have good stars in the corners. If you go look at any images taken with it, the corners are horrible. Then remember that if you go with the large format CCD you will likely need a bigger secondary mirror, and a bigger focuser, and a 3 inch corrector.
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Agreed. The easier route to achieve a wider FOV is to keep the 8300 and use a different telescope with a shorter focal length. If you wanted to stay with a newtonian design then a 150mm f4 or f5 newtonian for example would give the approximate pixel scale you're after.
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I wasn't aware it wouldn't cover an 8300.
I have considered the 150 F4. but wasnt keen on swapping scopes. the cost of rhe large format upgrade does add up quickly.

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Not sure about reducers for your Newt apart from making it fussier to handle and will show up lack of squareness and flex more.

16803 is one of the best chips around still. FLI Microline 16803 would be good on a Newt as Microline is a lot lighter than a Proline.

Starlight Express H35 (11002 sensor) or H36 (KAI16070 sensor with 7.4 micron pixels) would be the next choice.

I am assuming a general use and not specifically narrowband which tends to favour the 6303e.

Large format as I see it are either:

16070 (not 16050)
16803 (60%QE and low read noise, very high dynamic range).

The 16070 would be my choice as the slightly smaller pixels would suit the shorter focal length, still 40K well depth reasonable dynamic range and around 51% QE much the same as the 11002. The 11002 though is the long term proven sensor.

The Sony ones outperform the Kodak sensors but only have small sensors unless you get the APS sized 10 and 14megapixel one shot colour sensors.

The falling Aussie dollar makes these sensors (any of them) more and more expensive by the day.

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