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A few questions regarding LRGB imaging.

I have been imaging m83 and have 4 hours for each channel but I forgot to take flats for the red channel. Is there anything I can do or should I chuck the lot?

Second question, at the moment I've been taking the same amount and length of subs for RGB (unbinned) as for my lum. If I bin my RGB what length should my subs be in relation to my Lum subs. I'm using asronomiks LRGB type 2 filters.

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Well, you could try to recapture the red data or try to use the green and blue flats for the red data - worth a try.
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If you're truly anal, you'll use flats for each filter. Otherwise, if the filters are clean, you should be able to get away with whatever you have.

If you bin 2x2, you effectively quarter the exposure.

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