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RE S.card corruption

I am wondering about S.D card life,occasionally when looking at pics
some will be "incorupted image" ,

Recently ,i had a two G.B card say "memory card error" when put in camera

i have heard that they may be able to be re formated,have other had hic ups with S.D cards??

i now think that i should have new S.D card allways not far away.for very important pics.

this is not a big drama,as the cards are cheap,and are good value for around 2 or 3 years life.

should the cards be regularly "emptied" to pro long life?

how have others faired?

regards Hotspur
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Never had a problem with them except one which was in a camera left in a car on a hot day

returned in to Sandisk and they replaced it

personally I dump all data on SD cards regularly and occassionally reformat them

as you say 2gig cards are real cheap at present
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Was the SD card old/heavily used?
I've had similar probs with Sony memory sticks.
All non-volatile memory types have a limited write life.

Compact Flash cards have clever write-management systems so each memory cell is as old as its neighbours within a cycle or two, kind of a wear leveling.
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