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Canonís Testing a 75MP+ Pro DSLR

Not sure if this will ever reach the market.


Cheers Mark
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Another one hot off the press from Canon Rumors.

But, if it's true, I'll be poor next year.

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Very interesting, would love one of them.

Its funny though, Nikon many years ago teamed up with Kodak and they developed a camera, (801s with a battery pack looking thing) actually a brick looking thing connected to the back and bottom of the camera.

This was a digital back that was around 30MP which was back in the late 90's. Never took off, probably size of the unit and the cost was estimated at over a million at the time.

What is funny though is how this technology took so long to jump from under a megapixel to 5MP and know every year to two years they are doubling.

It is so good to be alive and in the technology age.
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Sorry I'm nonplussed. 75mp? really? Well depth must be pitiful in a 35mm format.

But if it is a corker of a chip, there is not much Canon glass that would do the sensor justice (I have a suite of L-series lenses and only 3 impress me, the 200mmF2.0, 500mm F4.0 and a Sigma 8mm fisheye (yep I know.... )

Just my 2 cents worth....
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Computer will need to be seriously well specced to process the images.
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Looking around the SMPTE exhibition over the past few days, there is a
hell of a lot of impressive Canon EOS cinema glass on show, as well as
the cinema and regular EOS bodies to go with them.


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It could be handy for doing this


Using half of your pixels at 100ISO and the other at 1600ISO!

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