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Canon 40D modification

Hello all
I am hopefully going to take delivery of a new 40D tomorrow

I've been hearing a bit of talk around the traps on modifying 350D's &400D's & today I found a site that sells them already modified for astro work

I've not heard of anyone modifying a 40D, Is there a reason for this? , or is it not required for this model, or maybe not possible or financially viable

can anyone direct me to a site that specialises in modifications
I'm interested in any comments

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Hutech is the only one I am aware of:


But I am sure there are others, which I am sure other IIS users will pass on.
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Apparently centralds in Korea is also going to do them as well as Hap Griffin
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Originally Posted by astroturf View Post
I've not heard of anyone modifying a 40D, Is there a reason for this? , or is it not required for this model, or maybe not possible or financially viable
It's probably because it's still a relatively new model and not a lot of people have modded them yet.
Modifications still need to be made if you want it to have a wider spectrum response.
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ozstockman (Mike)
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I've seen one guy on European eBay who offers 40d modification and there is a one in Canada on astromart who also offers this service. They might even have 40D already modified for sale.

However my big concern of buying overseas any imaging equipment which worth more than $1000 is that you have to pay GST and a duty on the total(equipment cost + modification cost + postage cost) to clear it from Asutralian Customs Service. It can increase the cost of modified camera imported from overseas dramatically and may be not worth of doing it.



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If you want to modify a Canon 40D for astrophotography, please have a look at:


Best regards,

Albert van Duin
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Talk to our Eric.

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Central DS Korea mod and cool the 40D = 40D Astro

The results are outstanding.

Got mine direct from them, with no problems.
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Eric AKA EzyStyles in this forum does 40D modification. $330 with Baader replacement filter. This is his site:
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Eric replaced the filter in my 40D for me and helped me get under way with it. Once modified you can get a Hutech VLC-FF1 filter which clips in, in front of the sensor and behind the lens and allows the camera to work in full auto mode again for daytime photos. Only stipulation is you must use an EF lens as an EF-S lens is too deep and won't fit in the camera with the filter in place.

I got my 40D cheap from Hong Kong as it was being modified and warranty didn't matter as it would be void.
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