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Clem Sapphire

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Easy planet

Hi, I'm very new to this. Excuse my ignorance.

I have a 2nd hand Celsestron Astro 130.
I've got the red dot pretty well lined up and get a good view of the moon.
What the next planet to move on to? Is is Venus? Any tips?
Clem Sapphire
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Jupiter is close to the moon right now and Saturn is just behind.

Jupiter's the brightest object in the sky after the moon, can't miss it
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Venus is in the morning sky. Have a look around 6am toward the NE. It will look like a thick crescent at present.

In the evening you have Jupiter in the SE followed closely behind by Saturn. Much later in the evening will be Mars and it is yet to get closer to us in the coming months. Jupiter is bright and you cannot miss it. Saturn is close by not quite as bright.

Jupiter and Saturn are well worth the effort to point a telescope at. Mars is much smaller but having a solid surface with no concealing clouds like Venus and being more Earth like than the larger gaseous planets is well worth a look at it gets closer to Earth.

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