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Old 08-04-2021, 09:38 PM
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Your Ive stuffed up stories

Is one of the worst feelings in this hobby when you drop any of your gear?
I dropped my brand new ASI2600 tonight. Fell from my clumsy grasp onto gravel.
The outside surface is now a bit scuffed up. I wonder if it can be repaired. I will honesty pay ZWO to fix the surface, this stuff annoys me.
I connected it and tried to cool down the camera to see if it was working then my heart sank as I watched it stop at -3.10 and keep drawing more and more power.
Decided to disconnect/reconnect and it turns out it had actually hit target temperature of -10 but it didnt update in NINA. After the reconnect, things worked as normal.
Since then its been performing fine but what a rubbish start to the night

Any other stories out there?
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Old 08-04-2021, 11:54 PM
Karlz (Karl)
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I had the nightly release of NINA, after being at RCW 38 I went to running chook for a few more subs. It did that no worries but then I decided to change the rotation of my frame, so NINA thought it should do a clock wise slew ( when looking from behind ) when I was 15 minutes off meridian. I've never had tripod crash till tonight, luckily enough I got away with a focuser pushed in a little and a laptop that had a hissy fit for about 20 minutes.
It must have been the night for it, nice and clear with bugga all breeze.
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Old Yesterday, 08:16 AM
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Way back in the early 90's, had my near new Astro-Physics 130EDT on the sofa while I unscrewed the 2.7" extension piece from the visual back. Naturally as the threads separated, so did the extension from my hand taking a large chunk of paint out out of the tube. Annoyed at the time but I got over it and used and used that scope for 22 years. Sure when I sold, the mark (and others) took the value down, but I had had a lot of good observing with that scope. So the moral is - don't worry about it, just make sure you get a lot of use out of the camera so you get the value out of it.
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Old Yesterday, 10:37 AM
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I've nothing like dropping expensive equipment ... yet .. but I can admit to multiple times of cursing the thing to realise that imaging works best with the lenscap off.....

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Old Yesterday, 11:00 AM
Startrek (Martin)
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About 3 years ago I decided to clean the primary mirror in my 6 newt for the first time
So removed it and placed it on a towel next to the kitchen sink , then picked it up with one hand from behind and started pouring distilled water over it and the bloody thing slipped off my palm and fell in the sink
Chipped a 10mm slither of glass on the edge just below where the polished mirror finishes
Phew lucky
After that lucky stuff up I now sit the mirror in a plastic grated bowl in the sink and wash it without holding it
You live and learn
Scope is nearly 5 years old now and still has a chip in the primary mirror edge and still produces good images
My little old gem
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