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Quick look in bright skies

Despite light pollution (7km from Brisbane CBD) and a bright moon the viewing tonight wasn't a complete loss. Getting the opportunity to actually be outside is rare at present so was a do or die situation. First thing I noticed is that mozzies are back in my yard... :-/ After setting up and cooling the scope a little I thought I'd rediscover a few objects from last year and test out a new magnetic counterweight. Started with the Ring Nebula which was a little hazy but perfectly obvious and ring like. Got comfortably to 190x through an ES 9mm. The counterweight system held up well and made using the scope a thousand times more enjoyable to use (I'd previously been tightening the tension control knobs and stiffening everything up). I couldn't resist the moon which was just gorgeous at 190x. There was enough shadow along the terminous to make things interesting as well as some great surface detail just in from this edge. Then, kicking dog poo from my path (need to plan a bit better at times) I moved the scope and gazed south to Tucanae 47. Doesn't cease to amaze. At 123x it was positively 3D. Stayed here a while before heading to the Sculptor Galaxy to round things out. I didn't hold much hope of seeing much but in the end it popped out of the background quite well. At 123x it really appears quite big. Can't wait to get to a dark site and revisit it though to pick out a few more details. Clear skies.
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Nice report Ben.

Bet ya the dog poo was not on the obs list.

Tuc47 would have to be my fav glob as well. I agree it is always stunning.

Keep it up and well done on getting out there.
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