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Some southern LMC clusters 28-3-2014

Inspired by the threads recently started by Dana on the southern LMC clusters, I trawled through wikisky and Archinal and Hynes to add more clusters to the area covered by Charts 13 and 14 on Clouds of Magellan. There are certainly a lot of objects to be added here. These are some observations of a few of the clusters that I've added.

I've attached the chart that I made up for this. I will amend the charts on the web site in the near future.

Telescope 400mm f4.9 tri-dob reflector
Eyepieces 28mm UWAN, 17 mm,13 mm Ethoses, 9 mm Nagler, Paracorr
Navigation: Uranometria, attached chart, LMC Charts 13 &14 from Clouds of Magellan web site,

p=preceeding (W) f=following (E)

2200 Seeing good, transparency good

NGC 1944 OC in Mensa
175x 1’ bright oval smooth glow within a fainter 2’ halo. The central part is elongated N-S. No stars resolved. There is an attractive asterism of five stars to Sp.

Shapley/Lindsay 396 OC in Mensa
175x 45’ S of NGC 1944 this is a very faint 30” round glow

Shapley/Lindsay 334 OC in Mensa
175x 1’ faint round glow with noticeable central concentration.

NGC 1890 OC in Mensa
175x 1.5’ glow slightly elongated p-f with marked central (stellar appearance) concentration. Resolved (foreground?) stars at p & f ends.

NGC 2000 OC in Mensa
175x 1.5’ bright round grainy glow. Looks like many stars just on verge of resolving. No central concentration.

Hodge/Sexton (1966) 299
175x 10 Sp of NGC 2000 this is a small 30” bright round glow

Shapley/Lindsay 477 OC in Mensa
18’ Np of NGC 2000 is the bright and concentrated 1’ glow of SL 477. SL 461 and 474 form a pair of matching 2’ very faint glows 10’ S of SL 477 and separated by 5’.

Henize Emission Nebula N205B Emission nebula in Mensa
175x 6’ N of SL 477 is the rectangular 4’x2’ glow of N205B with aobut 8 clearly resolved stars. With UHC filter it brightens and appears larger – about 4’x4’.

Then spent some time with some of the bright favourites for a while

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410mm tri-dob (thanks to Tim Nott), SW ED80 on CG-4 with Lunt LS 50 Ha solar filter, Celestron 15x70 binoculars, top of a hill and dark skies

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