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Thumbs up I now have near perfect guiding

I now have near perfect guiding with my HEQ5 Pro Mount and Starshoot Autoguider. Thanks guys

I am shooting 20-30 min subs regularly with no star trailing.

Only serviced my mount to remove backlash per astrobaby instructions and switched to alignmaster to initially polar align the mount.

Also use phd with the default settings.

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Congrats Rob, I know how you feel, have struggled with it myself in the past. Autoguiding can be a real pain to get going on all but the best of mounts.
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Ah, now that you have brazenly announced your success you realise that SOD's law will operate in the New Year and it will all go to hell in a handbasket.
Hope it doesn't
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Now all you need is a sky with no clouds. You are doing very well.
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Thems brave words Rob. It's almost an equipment challenge. (Murphy's Law).
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Originally Posted by Hagar View Post
Thems brave words Rob. It's almost an equipment challenge. (Murphy's Law).

Hehehe... Too right.

You know, it doesnt look like it, buy mounts, cameras and computers have ears you know... right when you go and say "everything is perfect" the whole shebang and the universe conspire against you and the setup spontaneously combusts...

On a more serious note.. That is great, I also routinely run 20min/30min with my HEQ5... Once they are tuned well, they are a ripper little mount for small setups...

I look forward to seeing results from your setup!
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