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Canon 5D Date Time issue

Although I have set the time and date several times it comes up again each time I turn on the camera. The battery is OK.
Is there a simple circuit board inside the camera that can be replaced?
Or some other simple solution I can fix myself?
Does anyone know?
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The actual internal battery may be dying.

It's in the manual somewhere how to replace it. It's one of those pen cell types.

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I suspect your 5D is similar to my 450D in the respect...my 450D doesn't appear to have a separate internal clock battery. edit actually found it has a CR2016 Lithium battery (but don't know where), which keeps clock time etc.

If I remove my battery it keeps time for a few days then looses it all. Installing the std battery and re-setting time..all good not problems many many days later.

I suspect the 5D is similar?

Annnndd I could be totally wrong..see here. No memory battery under this panel for the 450D!

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solissydney (Ken)
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5D battery

Thanks for the replies.
Because the 3V battery measured 3.2V I considered the possibility, however slight,
that something else could be the cause of the problem.
A new battery solved the problem
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