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Newtonian power! Love it!

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My one just splices into the standard AC varient and since i did it many moons ago works seemlessly
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Has anyone tried using Lipo batteries like they use on electric model aircraft for powering the cameras?

Thinking aloud here, and I hope someone will chip in if it wont work...

Currently if I use my battery grip I can put in 2, 7.4v 1200mAh batteries. If I use some lipos, I could get double if not more life, but with the same voltage. Using the AC adapter I could make a plug up so I can switch between AC power and the Lipo's. AC adapter puts out 7.4v @ 2A, so using say a couple if not only 1, 2s1P 30C 5000mAh Lipos, that would give me pleanty of power for a few sessions.... Any thoughts about this? Given these batteries are only about $28 each from OS, it might be a cheap alternative?

EDIT: This website probably just answered my own question... http://www.tellurian.ca/newastro/eosbatterypg.html

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