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Fujifilm S9500

Im looking at buying a Fujifilm S9500.

EDIT: Found a better link try This One
now.... i want to know your comments on the camera seeing as its $800 odd without any extras.

i would like to find a way of taking photos through the EP of my 12" dob. NOT TRACKED i know...... before you say it " you cant with a non tracking dob" ....
i know!

I do like the fuji's and would like to stay with them however if theres something better


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Difficult question Anthony. I went through this dilemma some time ago and ended up buying a DSLR. $800 is almost there for a Pentax istDL (around $1K). Although the pixel count is lower on the Pentax, the sensor is bigger and I suspect the noise performance would be better as well and you're not stuck with one compromise lens. With a DSLR you can also do prime focus photography. 10 to one zoom range is nice but without stabilisation can be difficult to use at the telephoto end. The fuji also has an electronic viewfinder which may be difficult to use in low light. Other than that the report looks good and previous Fuji's have been good performers. The review also notes very good noise performance, which is definately a bonus.
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If it's anything like my S7000 in the way of noise I would save a little more and get a real DSLR. I have heard some good reports on the 9500, the s5000.com website might have some info in there for you. I know of atleast one member with one. Fenstar42 is his nick.
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frogman it looks like a decent camera, but i think would be better suited to normal terrestrial use.

The fixed lens won't allow you to attatch an adapter for prime focus shots, so you would only be able to take pics afocally.

As suggested i would save a few more pennies and get a more suited dslr.

ebay has them at pretty good prices if you shop around.
Good luck with your purchase.
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hi froggy dood!
for that price you can get an olympus e300 DSLR from ebay.

my brother has a s5000 and its a good camera but no good for astro work on anything but the brightest stuff. the one you are after is alot better than the s5000 of course.
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I agree with all of the above. mate it depends on your pennys and what you want to do with them. I have a Minolta Dimage 7, that cost me $1700 a few years ago. I really wanted a digital SLR but at the time the canons and kodaks were $10k plus. Now with a DSLR under a grand with a lens - no problems. however if you want a dual purpose camera with a good zoom lens you need at least 10 time optical with macro function. you can get a scopetronics 2" DSLR adapter for the eyepiece and use a 40mm eyepiece and then you can use the zoom in the camera to get closeups. this is the best afocal way of doing it. www.scopetronics.com for the gear, and have a look at your options. When I come down next i will bring the minolta and you can see for yourself what i am talking about.

ScopeTronix MaxView™ II is about $190 USD and the attatchment kit is about 60USD
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