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What adaptor to buy to connect 5D to LX200

Own a 10" LX200 and want to do some astrophotography with my Canon 5D. What adaptor do I need to hook it up?
Do I just need one of these https://www.bintelshop.com.au/Product.aspx?ID=5551
Or do I need another piece?
Or any other solution suggestion?

Thanks in advance?
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You will need the item you've posted, as well as a barrel onto which the camera adapter attaches to. The barrel then screws onto the rear cell. From memory, you'll need an SCT adapter which screws onto the rear cell, too. Bintel should have all the bits and pieces. I sold my LX90 a number of years ago now, so can't remember 100%. Someone here will have more details.

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AS H has written, you will need the Canon EOS T-ring in the link you provided.

The bayonet side mates with the body of your 5D.
The other side has a standard T thread.

For most standard SCT’s, there is a male SCT Thread at the rear of the SCT onto which Female SCT threaded adapters can be screwed. Usually this is done via a rotating collar so that you can orient the camera before tightening the collar. Some people fit after market focusers on their SCT’s to overcome mirror movement during focusing and to provide for finer focus control. These usually have a 2 inch push in fitting rather than an SCT screw on fitting.

So, if you have the “native” Meade SCT thread at the rear, you will need an SCT to T-adapter which connects directly to the visual back of SCTs. These can have long or short bodies.

Have a look at the examples on the Scopestuff (USA) website.


It looks like the #TASC, TASS and #TASL adapters have SCT threaded collar rings to allow the barrel to be rotated for orienting your 5D. The #TASC may not be suitable as it has a 1 inch fitting for an eyepiece as well and this may cause vignetting on your 5D? The others appear(?) to offer a larger opening?

Also, have a look at the Celestron adapter from MyAstro Shop (Brisbane) at:



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