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Ccd camera recommendations

I has this post under equipment reviews and then discovered this forum section.

From dslr to ccd-upgrade

I am seriously considering upgrading from a Canon 450d to a full blown ccd. I currently use a C11 at f6.3 and a Megrez 72 for my imaging work.
I would like to go for a mono camera as I know I will want to upgrade from a one shot color eventually.
The Sbig 8300 , Atik 383 and Qhy9 all use the same Kodak 8.3 MP chip but there is a big difference in price. Would these cameras suit my imaging gear? The Qhy9 looks like great value but is there any downside. I have seen some good reviews. Any recommendations or other camera suggestions? These are all at the limit of my budget and then there is the filter wheel and filters etc which may have to wait a while (except for the qhy9 package.)
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2nd hand QSI 583 has filter wheel built in, built in off axis guider and takes smaller filters which are cheaper.

Lots have used them and love them. Probably the overall best bang for your buck that will get great results.

Don't underestimate the value of good guiding with an offaxis guider.
Its far superior to a guide scope/guide camera. Without good guiding you've got nothing and cannot make good images. Make sure the basics are done well to get good images.

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Too late Greg, sold that unit tonight.

QSI is a great option though John, on equal footing to the other leading brands.
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The issues with QHY8/9 is discussed here.
SBIG v QHY 9 thread here.
8300 v QHY9 here.

I suspect most of your queries would be answered by the above.
The other info I found useful is here, which goes into some depth about resolutions v FL and optimal fit etc.

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Hi John,

You might like to have a look at the cameras with the latest Sony sensors eg:
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Thanks everyone. Too much choice and not enough budget
The QSI looks very nice. I will have to consult the boss.
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