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azkaz (Aaron)
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Should I use my 9.25 Evo or Sell and Upgrade

Hi all!
I have Celestron 9.25 evo which has been great for visual observation.
I am craving seeing more DSO though and have been thinking about some live viewing on a laptop to see more and share with the family. I don't really have the time to set up for long exposures.
Do you think I should just use a camera on my existing kit(Atik Infinity $1600) which will give a somewhat narrow field of view or try and sell my setup and get a smaller astro setup?
If it was a straight swap dollar wise I might be tempted, but it seems that second hand gear doesn't sell for much (my kit would be around $4000 new) and I could end up spending a lot more to get a decent astro setup?

Thanks for your opinions!
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glend (Glen)
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I would suggest you read through the EAA (Electronic Assisted Astronomy) forum on the Cloudy Nights forum, and get some idea what folks are using for video astronomy.
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azkaz (Aaron)
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Will do, thanks.
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I haven't been on the EAA forum Glen has suggested for a while. But a large proportion of them use SCTs (must be some American thing, ... he he). And quite a few use, or have used the infinity - especially as it has really nice software. And its a nice camera.

They tend to use focal reducers to speed them up and increase the FOV. A 0.63, sometimes two 0.63s! And some use the 0.33 Meades etc - but I'm not sure if you'll be able to with the infinity sensor size? I've used an 8" SCT with both the 0.63 and 0.33 reducers in the past but that was with the ASI224MC which has a smaller sensor.

As Glen says - just go on there and ask. My only concern is that most use a C6 or C8 - the 9.5 has a really long focal length.
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Chris, keep the 9.25Ē for what itís good at.

If you want to do DSOs itís a lot simpler to start with a scope more suitable for that, and I mean f/5 or faster.

Suggest instead you buy a second scope for the purpose.

Starting with a scope at f/10 (poor choice) and the adding compressors to cut the focal length is frankly a kludge.
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