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8300 Sensor Column Defects

Hi all
Due to work and work related issues I haven't touched my astro gear in over three years. But now I have the time again and intend to get right back into it.

Fired up the camera yesterday to get some new darks for the library and noticed there is two rather noticeable column defects. I cannot recall them being there a few years ago.

Are these:
  • something that can be managed with dithering and calibration; or
  • an indication that the sensor is on the way out.
Any advice greatly appreciated.

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From my experience it's not uncommon for KAF sensors to develop hot and cold columns or partial columns over time. The bigger sensors like the KAF-16803 tend to be the worst. New calibration masters may be enough to clean them up. If not, a defect map and dithering will do the trick.

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roughy (Mark)
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Cheers Rick. Thanks for that.
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Totally agree with Rick. Both myself and my brother have 8300 chip cameras and both have developed column defects. Good calibration frames and dithering will help a lot.
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Yep, same happened here with my QSI583. Dithering and defect map solves it.
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