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Hans Tucker (Hans)
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SBIG's new toy

Well maybe not so new...looks like SBIG has taken the guide sensor out of their STX range and milked another application out of it...but it does look good.

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looks like a copy of the SX lodestar with a different CCD.

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allan gould
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At almost $600 for the SBIG give me a DSI II anyday.
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Originally Posted by allan gould View Post
At almost $600 for the SBIG give me a DSI II anyday.
Given no one outside of SBIG's "skunk works" has one of these.... a curious comment.

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I wouldn't mind one. Probably much cleaner image than my QHY guider and easier to use with CCDSoft.
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I won't start a Lodestar/SBIG Guider dispute, but will add that the Lodestar is THE best guider I have had. If the SBIG is similar or the same then the price is well worth it.
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Pity sbig did not build in a rgh port, or i2c port to drive Sbigs adaptive optics, I would be up for one if it had those features.
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On the list
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