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Short Observing Report 08/06/07

It looked like a good night coming up so I rolled out the 16" at 17:00 to give it time to cool down, no need for a fan as the temp was only 15degs C.
At 17:46 an iridium satellite started the nights observing of with a 8mag flair quite spectacular as a mag 4 satellite had gone through the same field only three minutes before.
After tea the first cab of the rank was MYCN18, using various eyepieces from 5mm to 13mm and 2x barlowa lot of time was spent on this Planetary Nebula,
I was unable to see the rings but got an impression of an out of shape star, even with an O111 filter there was no hint of the ring extension's, it only made the planetary brighter.
I will hope to observe this object in a larger scope (25"and 30") some time in the future.
Longmore 5 was observed using the 13mm nagler and the 5mm X-Cel, faint ring was observed with averted vision but disappeared when looked at straight on, it improved a bit with the O111 on the nagler but not with the 5mm XCel.
At 19:56 whilst looking at Longmore 5 I caught sight out of the corner of my eye a bright greenish /white Meteor about mag 8-9 heading N/NE through URSA MAJOR, it lit up the northern horizon, two 8th Mag objects in one night .
M51 (NGC4194-5495) was very bright with the 13mag star plainly seen and the "bridge" between the two galaxies hinted at, I think if I had a larger scope the spiral arms would have been plainly seen.
Shapley 1 was next to be observed with a nice donut shape, thicker on the west side, the 13.5 mag central star was plainly seen as were two other faint foreground stars either side of the torus.
As one of my encoders decided to go on the blink and it was by this time 22:30 and 3.5degs C I called it a night
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Hi Ron

Nice report Ron. When I first read the subject line, I thought you had been observing on your knees, hence short.

How were the strong Westerly winds at your location they were battering me in Brissie so I packed up.


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Nice report Ron. I saw some hints of M51's arms last night with my 12" Dob then a jet flew through the field and blinded me! I shut the door on my observatory to keep the wind out.
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Thanks Dennis and Glen, it would have been a great night only as I said the encoder packed up, (now fixed).
Dennis there was no wind at all in fact I had quite a lot of dew, last night turned out great but I didnt go out, if it stays like it is at the moment I will be out there tonight
Looking at M51 so low down makes one wish he was a bit shorter.
Glen What I meant to say was that I may have seen it more like the photo's!
it was vey crisp.
Those aircraft lights can be quite blinding when observing with high power
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Thanks for the report Ron. I've almost forgotten what we are doing this hobby for . Isn't it a magic morning up here. Let's hope it carries on through to tonight and for the next month. We are well overdue for some great conditions.
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