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Stacking the Moon with Registax

Hoping some clever people out there can lend a hand...

I've recently got into doing a little planetary imaging by taking *.MOV movies with my DSLR with eyepiece projection through my 5" and 16" undriven scopes. So the image slowly tracks through the field of the video frame. I have successfully stacked images of planets, but not succeeded at all with the Moon.

Using PIPP I convert the DSLR movie to an AVI format for Registax, often using the crop and centre functions in PIPP to roughly align the images prior to stacking. [So far as I know, the centring is not possible with Moon closeups (though I hope I'm wrong!). ].

But... Registax 6 appears to struggle to align and stack any of the images I've taken of the Moon, whether it is a segment of the Moon through the 16" scope, or full disk Moon views with the 5". I think the problem is in the alignment phase as the Moon is moving through the frame. I've tried allowing Registax to set alignment points, and it comes up with great numbers of points, which I try to limit. I've tried a few hand-selected points, or 'centre of gravity', but so far no joy with any of these.

I realise there's possibly not enough detailed info above to provide a specific solution, but I wonder if skilled lunar imagers could help with the approximate rough Registax settings they use for aligning and stacking Moon images?

Or if there's already a guide to this process for unguided images, please let me know!
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Hi Andy,

not sure about Registax settings (so there might be an easier way to do it than this) but when I had this issue I used photoshop to auto-align the images first, cropped them slightly and then put them into Registax.
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