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Observing Report 24/2/11 (Fishing for Galaxies)

Observing Report 24/2/11 (Fishing for Galaxies)

As mentioned in my previous post I have had a bit of a look at some galaxies in the border area between Reticulum and Doradus. Some interesting targets with much potential under a dark sky. My recent acquisition of the Cambridge Double Star Atlas proved valuable in giving a long list of targets in this area.

All observations made using Dobsonion mounted 305mm Newtonian reflector at f/5. Eyepieces use are 34mm Meade 4000(44x) 24mm Panoptic (67x) 13mm Nagler T6 (115x) or 13mm Nagler with Barlow (230x)

Charts - Uranometria 2000 (2nd ed.) Data derived from Uranometria (2nd ed) Deep Sky Field Guide (DSFG).

Conditions Seeing good, Transparency good to very good

NGC 1559 Galaxy in Reticulum
RA 04 17 37.5 Dec -62 46 59 Mag(V) 10.7 Dim’ 3.5 x 2.0 SB 12.6 Type SB(s)cd III Barred s shaped Spiral

Locate Alpha Reticuli by naked eye. Two faint stars mag 8 lie 30’ to f of these that point at target about 15’ away to S. Quite large running approx EW. Appears to have a bright elongated section which is easily seen with direct vision. Averted vision reveals and extended outer halo.

Post Observation Notes: DSFG notes many bright knots which would make and interesting follow up observation. These knots are easily seen in this image here http://spider.seds.org/ngc/ngcdss.cgi?obj=NGC!1559&r=4:17.6&d=-62:47&e=J2000&h=15&w=15&f=GIF&c=non e . I noted during my observation that the brightest part of the galaxy is elongated and it appears to be on one side of the halo.

NGC 1543 Galaxy in Reticulum
RA 04 12 42.2 Dec -57 44 11 Mag(V) 10.5 Dim’ 3.8 x 2.8 SB 13.0 Type(R) SB(s)00 Barred s shaped Spiral with outer ring

From Epsilon Reticuli a mag 7.5 star lies 1.5deg to N and slightly f. A pair of mag 9 stars forms and equilateral triangle with this star which is 20’ wide. Target lies just to N of first star. Small but easily seen at 67x. Has a near stellar core with extended envelope.

Post Observation Notes: DSFG notes that the published dimension of 3.8x2.8 do not include a faint extended envelope which extends to 7’ wide. The DSS image here http://spider.seds.org/ngc/ngcdss.cgi?obj=NGC!1543&r=4:12.8&d=-57:44&e=J2000&h=15&w=15&f=GIF&c=non e doesn’t show it but the negative image in the public database at the NGC/IC project here http://www.ngcicproject.org/ appears to show hints. I certainly didn’t see it.

NGC 1574 Galaxy in Reticulum
RA 04 21 58.9 Dec -56 28 56 Mag(V) 10.5 Dim’ 4.0 x 3.8 SB 13.3 Type SA(s)0-

A wide par of stars mag 6 and 7.5 lie halfway between Epsilon Reticuli and Alpha Doradus. Target lies 15’ to f of brighter N star. Target has a faint mag 10 star on f side. Appears elongated. Averted vision produced a suggestion of a dark lane.

Post Observation Notes: DSFG notes a mag 9.7 star in SE quadrant which is mag 10 star noted above. Although I was seeing hints of a dark lane and elongation, these certainly don’t show up in DSS images which show a near circular elliptical shape!

NGC 1566 Galaxy in Dorado
RA 04 20 00.8 Dec -54 56 14 Mag(V) 9.7 Dim’ 8.3 x 6.6 SB 13.9 Type SAB(s)bc I-II Barred Spiral

A mag 8 star forms an equilateral triangle with double mentioned above and Alpha Doradus. It lies about 2deg p of Alpha Doradus. Target is just to f of this. A mag 12 star is just on f edge of galaxy which is superimposed. Appears to be a face on spiral. According to DSFG an arm appears prominent on p side.

Post Observation Notes: AAT image here http://www.aao.gov.au/images/captions/aat054.html shows both the mag 8 star on the p side (left) and the mag 12 star within arms on f side. Bottom right of this image shows prominent knots that are likely the arm mentioned in DSFG. Did not see them but should be worthy of a follow up observation.

NGC 1596 Galaxy in Dorado
RA 04 27 38.5 Dec -55 01 34 Mag(V) 11.2 Dim’ 3.7 x 1.0 SB 12.4 Type SAO: sp Non barred Lenticular Spindle shaped

Lies halfway between Alpha Doradus and NGC 1566. A mag 9 star lies 15’ to Sf. Small and faint, stellar core with just visible envelope. NGC 1602 lies nearby but not seen.

NGC 1553 and NGC 1549 Galaxies in Dorado
NGC 1553 RA 04 16 11.5 Dec -55 46 51 Mag(V) 9.4 Dim’ 4.5 x 2.8 SB 12.0 Type SA(r)00 Non Barred Spiral with inner ring
NGC 1549 RA 04 15 45.0 Dec -55 35 31 Mag(V) 9.8 Dim’ 4.9 x 4.1 SB 13.0 Type EO-1 Early stage Elliptical

A mag 7.5 star lies 1deg 20’ to Sp of NGC 1566. From this scan back 20’ to Nf and Galaxy is easily seen. NGC 1553 is large and bright with clear dust lanes and mottling. Has 3 stars superimposed. NGC 1549 is within same field at 115x and lies to Np of NGC 1553. Has a mag 9 star at Sf end. It is smaller and up to a full mag fainter than 1553 with a nearly stellar core. Overall pair makes a lovely target.

Post observation notes: Images for these galaxies are here:
NGC 1553 http://spider.seds.org/ngc/ngcdss.cgi?obj=NGC!1553&r=4:16.2&d=-55:47&e=J2000&h=15&w=15&f=GIF&c=non e
NGC 1549 http://spider.seds.org/ngc/ngcdss.cgi?obj=NGC!1549&r=4:15.7&d=-55:36&e=J2000&h=15&w=15&f=GIF&c=non e
The mag nine star mentioned in report for NGC 1549 is clearly seen as bright star to bottom left. Also several superimposed stars on NGC 1553. The mottling and dark lanes seen in NGC 1553 are most likely an effect of the foreground stars.

NGC 1546 Galaxy in Dorado
RA 04 14 36.8 Dec -56 03 36 Mag(V) 10.9 Dim’ 3.0 x 1.7 SB 12.6 Type SAO+? Doubtful late non-barred lenticular

Lies just to Nf of mag 7.5 star mentioned above. Just visible at 115x, not seen at 67x. No obvious core but appears extended

Post observation notes: Image here http://spider.seds.org/ngc/ngcdss.cgi?obj=NGC!1546&r=4:14.6&d=-56:04&e=J2000&h=15&w=15&f=GIF&c=non e show both the mag 7.5 star and a dark dust lane that probably made the brighter part of the target appear extended as mentioned.

NGC 1533 Galaxy in Dorado
RA 04 09 52.5 Dec -56 07 09 Mag(V) 10.7 Dim’ 2.8 x 2.3 SB 12.6 Type SBO- Early barred lenticular

Lies about 30’ to p of NGC 1546. Small and faint but obvious core at 115x. Not much detail. A mag 9 star is within field to Np. Two faint (mag 12?) stars on Nf edge.

Post observation notes: Image here http://spider.seds.org/ngc/ngcdss.cgi?obj=NGC!1533&r=4:09.9&d=-56:07&e=J2000&h=15&w=15&f=GIF&c=non e show mag 9 star to Np at top right and two mag 12 star to Nf. The bright core of this galaxy is obvious in this image, but I didn’t see its extension that show in the image.

NGC 1672 Galaxy in Dorado
RA 04 04 42.2 Dec -59 14 41 Mag(V) 9.7 Dim’ 6.6 x 5.5 SB 13.4 Type SB(s)b 11 S shaped Barred Spiral

From Epsilon Reticuli, move 3deg in f to a pair of stars 15’ apart running EW. Kappa Doradum (mag 6 ) lies 50’ to Sf Mag 6.5 star is Nf 30’ away from this. Target is a further 15’ Sp of this star. Appears large with very low surface brightness. Some structure is evident with many foreground stars. Worthy of follow up observation.

Post observation notes: Image here http://spider.seds.org/ngc/ngcdss.cgi?obj=NGC!1672&r=4:45.7&d=-59:15&e=J2000&h=15&w=15&f=GIF&c=non e shows a prominent arm on N side, which hopefully may be visible in a dark sky. DSFG also mentions numerous stars superimposed on the East side (left in image) which should also be observable.

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Great report Malcolm. Your descriptions are very accurate and succinct and you're observing some very good detail. I like the links to the DDS images.
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Thanks Paddy. I really enjoyed this little session. A couple of these galaxies will make nice targets for SV methinks provided the trees to SW of the field don't get it the way!
Ones for follow up are

NGC 1566
NGC 1596 to see I NGC 1602 is visible
NGC 1553 and 1549
NGC 1546 to look for dust lane
NGC 1672

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Very nice report (as usual) Malcolm. Many thanks.
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