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Guiding temporary setup

Hey there all i have been racking my noggin about a fast alternative so that i can get a temporary guide scope mounted to the lx200.

Is it needed to plug the CCD directly into the telescope mount? (there is a guide scope port there) or can i by using TheSky6 professional guide the mount via PC? and have both the SBIG CCD on the main and the meade lunar/planetary camera slipping in with USB to PC?

Just thought this was a little bit of a question because they have a tiny little Cassigrain (3-4") that with my handy hands can attach to the main body of the 12"

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Best to use the telescopes guide port.
There is no extra lag/delay from the guide signal being bounced around from one computer to another etc.
This way you can correct the errors faster. Plus less things to go wrong.

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when adding weight to a fork mounted scope you have to take into account the center of gravity, and balance of the system, Tracking accuracy will be degraded if the balance is not addressed...

The LX200R mount has an autoguide port, and as Theo mentioned, the less individual parts to a setup, the less that can go wrong..

Is the SBIG 402ME self guided? if so, you're on easy street... if not, then the Meade LPI can be used, however you will then need something like the shoestring astronomy GPUSB unit, and run something like PHD Guiding or Guidedog etc...

I would think an off-axis guider would be the easiest option to add autoguiding to the LX200R without throwing out the weight distribution...
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