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Originally Posted by Ingo View Post
Why 12MP?
Bigger is better according to the boys in marketing...
I simply wonder if they will go this way as there seems to be a trend for them to increase each year or so..

Why do I want one... er bigger is better????
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Originally Posted by xelasnave View Post
Bigger is better according to the boys in marketing...
Spot on Alex. The boys in marketing have everyone by the curlies over this. There seems to be a common perception amongst users that more pixels mean better pictures. Looking at all the websites I could over this question, I have come to my own conclusion that there seems to be far more to camera performance than mere megapixels. There is way too much technical info on it to even try to understand the argument as mere mortals, and this is the tool that the marketers use to baffle us - so we blindly go along thinking that resolution is the answer. The fact that there are people intent on "upgrading" to the next camera just because the newer model sports another 2 million wondrous pixels is unbelievable. I suppose they are under the impression that their work will suddenly be far more satisfactory as a result.

I agree IF users are professionals who want to put their work into large, very high quality print or for some scientific analytical task. For taking piccies of the stars for our web-based image catalogues or for print in Sky & Telescope? I'm not so sure.
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Just to add more confusion, here's a review of the 40D in comparison with the 350D and 400D.

Nice things to note for astronomy work:
- live preview (both on the LCD and via the USB2 cable)
- long exposures can be controlled by computer without the need for a parallel/serial cable, just the single USB2 cable.


Hanging to get my hands on one to see what it can do.

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i am with chris on this one... 2 extra mp! bah! what are you going to do? print posters? how many people actually print poster size prints here? not many if any. i have taken 1100 or so pictures with my new camera (d40) and havent printed a single one...
the only advantage i can see for the extra 2 mp (if kyou arent printing) is that you have a bigger picture to crop from... if you crop your pictures.
most of us take pictures for the web so the 2mp is for the most part irrelevant IMO.

will the 400d take good pictures? well it can but its really the users skill that takes the pictures.

ps: dont disregard nikons. they have great chips and software for picture taking too
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