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cristian abarca
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Pentax lenses

Hi guys I've just come upon 3 pentax lenses that belong to film slr cameras. My question is do these lenses fit digital pentax cameras? and if so does anyone have any idea of a price? One is a long lens and the other 2 shorter. I'll post some pictures during the week.

Regards Cristian
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Hi Cristian

I use my old Sigma (24mm), Pentax (135mm), Vivitar (70-210mm) and Tokina (500mm) lenses with my Pentax *ist DS. They are all K mount lenses and require manual focusing and manual settings to set the aperture. There are a couple of settings in the *ist DS menu system where you can allow the use of older K mount lenses that do not have auto focus or auto metering.

Old is not always good as I have a Pentax 135mm f2.8 lens from around 1990 and it is useless on stars unless manually stopped down to f8.


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Hi Christian

I also have original Pentax SMC lenses, they work great with the film camera's, but leave a lot to be desired when used with digital.
Although the glass in these lenses are of better quality than some digital lenses, they cause CA, and Halo's around bright stars due to the sensor size in the digital camera's.
They work best with full frame film camera's.

Cheers Leon
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i have a pentax ME- few years ago a i found a super nice zykkor 75-300mm made in japan lens, it has a macro and also a sliding dew shield-it goes from f/5.6-f/22- you can feel how solid and precise the machining is on this thing- i got a DSLR shortly after that and the pentax and lens sat in a case ever since then, its a shame how a DSLR somehow puts such quality equipment in the cobwebs sometimes
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cristian abarca
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Thanks guys. It is a shame that these lenses and the pentax cameras will go to waste.

regards Cristian
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