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Praise for Gama Electronics

I've left this for a while before I commented on the exceptional sales and service I obtained from Theo of Gama Electronics. I contacted him after I found my Qhy8 was not working after power cut outs at Astrpfest. Nothing at all from the camera after several attempts and driver change. I contacted Theo and he said after my explanation to send on the camera. After I arrived he checked out the camera and found it was ok. He returned the came along with new leads and dc101 to check out if that was the problem. As it turned out it was alead problem.
At no stage did Theo ask for postage or any recompense for checking out the camera. Even when I pressed him, he refused and said it was Ll part of the service.
I guess this in my opinion was above and exceptional
service as he was out of pocket the return my camera by express postage. He would accept no payment.
I ask the simple question " have you had a similar exprience?".
All I can say is thanks Theo and I'm glad I purchased through you.
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garymck (Gary)
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Hi Allan,

I too have had exceptional service from Theo. When I purchased my QHY8 2 years ago, it failed within a week. Theo was genuinely concerned and when I dropped the camera off to him to be checked out he loaned me his personal QHY8 to use while mine was being repaired! He said that he didn't want me to miss out on any imaging time! After mine was repaired he dropped it back to me (didn't even have to drive to his place). Camera has since been faultless....(dud circuit track that had burned out under load-yes he even told me exactly what had needed repairing). Theo is one of the genuinely good guys out there......for QHY stuff, wouldn't go anywhere else.....

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DeanoNZL (Adrian)
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I also have high praise for Theo.
He sent a free box of clouds with my QHY9
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I didnt even spend much money (yet) and he put up responding to a long stupid technical argument (on my part), so yes, top prompt, knowledgable service.
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Alchemy (Clive)
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Even thought my qhy camera has been faultless, when there was a price drop just after I bought mine ( aus dollar went up ) theo gave me an extra years warranty as a good will gesture. I'd certainly buy from him again.
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Hagar (Doug)
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I too can only commend Theo's service during and after purchase. I have been fortunate enough to work my way through a good number of the QHY range, all from Theo and all with the best service anyone could expect.
Well done Theo............. You certainly deserve the praise.
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You would think Theo would tire of helping out new owners of QHY-8s.
Mine was 2nd hand. He sought me out rather than the other way around.
I was having the rather common initial driver teething problems.
No trouble for Theo.
He emailed me advice and checklists. Tech data and alternate drivers.
Sterling service from a worthy agent.

Thanks Theo.

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Photon Addict (Daven)
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I have a QHY5 that suddenly was not being recognised by its driver - this happened a month after falling out of the warranty period. Theo walked me through the process of troubleshooting/testing the camera by myself, and provided a number of tests I could try on my own. It was established that there was a problem with the camera.
He suggested I send the camera to him to look at. I sent it by overnight mail from WA and he spent the following day getting the problem sorted out (the problem was corrupted firmware, caused by me removing the USB cable before disconnecting the camera in the software). He sent the camera back to me the following day by overnight mail.
Even though I insisted, he refused payment for his time in repairing this out-of-warranty camera. Maybe it was due to me purchasing all my cameras through him? He also refused reimbursement for the shipping costs back to me.
So I was out of pocket for shipping the camera to him, and three week-nights without the camera. In my experience, this type of support is very rare - not to mention the numerous quick responses to one-off questions regarding operator issues.
Good on you Theo, for being such a gentleman!
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same here,

Nothing but praise for when I bought my QHY5 just a couple weeks back - Even had a laugh about paypal

It is hard to find this quality of service these days

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+1. Always on the ball ready to help.
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Another 3 thumbs up for Theo
There have even been recent comments on the QHY forums I see where overseas customers have lamented not being in Australia to get such great support (usually after Theo has fixed their problem by email on the forum too...)

Big reason I bought my QHY9 setup from Gama electronics - great support commented on by so many here in the past
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Add another QHY-9 and QHY-5 owner here. Top service from Gama - unlike some US companies - always there, always friendly and always helpful. Good on you Theo
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And another. I have purchased several QHY camera's (5, 8 and 9) from Theo and his service both before and after sales have been exemplary. Top bloke, top product, top service

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And another Gama = Exceptional service vote here...
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I bought one of the early QHY9 with the shutter board and frosting problems but Theo was very helpful in getting it sorted with a minimum of fuss, at all hours of the day or night. This kind of good service is rare.
Clear Skies Ken
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stevous67 (Steve M)
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I'll add a positive vote too. I've had issues from drivers to misaligning filter wheel. All sorted prompty with advice from Theo.

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I too have found Theo very good to deal with. Would recommend him and QHY cameras without hesitation.

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