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Equipment specifics for planetary imaging

Hi Guys,

I have been strictly a DS imager so far. However, I have become fed up with only imaging on moonless nights, add in clouds there arn't very many of those around these days. I would like to move into planetary as well.

I have a WO FLT132 as my main scope, FL925mm. I am currently eyeing a DMK21 mono as the imaging camera. Regarding filters, I have a set of 1.25" filters from my meade DSI (which I have never used, as I use the DSI as a guide camera). I will start with those, but what filters should I be using?

Also, I would need a barlow to go with it. Should I go for the 5x televue powermate? Any other suggestions and recommendations?

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I have a 1500mm FL scope and now considering a 5 x for Jupiter and Saturn shots. My 3 x Barlow is fine for venue and moon and managed a reasonable Jupiter recently with my webcam.

I invested in an IR filter although am considering an IR/UV to replace it.

I have found the DSLR is great for full and 3 x moon imaging while CCD is great for close-up moon. It seems to naturally increase magnification based on the size of the CCD.

I think the DMK may have a better exposure control compared to webcams so you may not need moon or double polarising filter for bright objects but as I haven't used these cameras I really don't know. I suppose plug it in and find out.

Other than IR and/or UV your normal RGB filters will be needed for colour.
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