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Andromeda with a Compact P&S

Found this amusing :

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dpastern (Dave Pastern)
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That's not too bad an effort considering!

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Well it's OK, but any camera that can take a 60 sec exposure with manual settings isn't a "compact point-&-shoot" in my book.

It's a manual camera - and there are many that can do this I'd imagine.

But it's good stuff anyway - anything that opens people's eyes to possibilities is great!!

Cheers -
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Hi I am a newbie and wondered if some one could explain dark frames please love the pic.
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a dark frame is taken in the dark, ie with lens cap on - the idea is to remove any undue thermal noise/heat or hot spots on the sensor that are showing up in your image. THe dark is then subtracted from the light (normal) to subtract any of the junk you don't want

the lx3 is no point & shoot, at 800 it is on pat with a cheap slr & panasonic has had trouble keeping up with production as they have been so popular for taking excellent pics
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