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DSLR Advice

My 7 year old Pentax DSLR is on its last legs, hence I have invested in a $20 intervalometer and intend to run it into the ground to see if I can come to grips with some timelapse imaging.

Nevertheless, it is time to consider replacing it. A new camera would be used piggyback for widefield, hopefully some timelapse and more "normal" forms of photography. Therefore not specialising in astrophotography and not requiring serious modifiacations.

Some of the models being considered are:
Nikon D5100, Nikon D7000 and Canon 60D.

There is also a Canon 60Da on the Canon au website and mentioned on a youtube video from NEAF 2012, but I can't find it in any retailer catalogues.

Any advise on these models would be appreciated as well as any advice on others, especially if they have built in intervalometers.

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The Canon 60DA is on ebay Australia.

Was thinking of the 60DA myself. Daylight pictures from it seem acceptable, at least to me.
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60da may be ordered at DigitalRev.

Not sure about the Nikons. Generally Canon has been favoured over Nikon for astrophotography. I have a D800E and it is sensational.
But I don't know about other Nikon models.

The top of the line Canon 1Dx seems to be the one to get but its $6700!

5D2 2nd hand would be a good choice.

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I have 60D, it is a great camera (unfortunately, I didn't have much opportunities to use it for AP.. (I did only couple of test shots) but the movable screen is really great - you can see what's going on in the FOV from almost any scope position)
Canon 60D becomes 60Da after IR filter replacement ("mod").
It can be done for much less than price difference between 60D and 60Da.

Attached is one of the test shots, rescaled stack of 12 x 20sec exposures at ISO 6400, MTO-1100A at prime focus. Only basic processing in DPP.
Attached Thumbnails
Click for full-size image (eta_car_s.JPG)
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60Da seems to be worth the money seeing you get the timer connection and the ac power connector which will save you about two hundred dollars and are canon genuine parts. Day time photos are pretty good as well.
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Yeah I'd go 60Da as well. If it is like the 20Da it was more than simply a different UV/IR filter. It had different firmware that controlled amp glow better.

Plus you can use it for daytime use whereas modded cameras with the add on filters never work as well for daytime use.

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IMHO the Canon is the way to go.
Even a 1000D with the colour balance filter removed works very well.
I like the idea of the moveable screen on the D60 and the filter mod (Note: it's not the IR filter that's removed - just the colour balance filter) seem to give excellent astro shots....
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Originally Posted by roughy View Post
There is also a Canon 60Da on the Canon au website and mentioned on a youtube video from NEAF 2012, but I can't find it in any retailer catalogues.
Any dealer listed on the Canon website can get one for you. I got mine from Team Digital.
Select 'Digital SLR Cameras - Pro' in the Sub-Category to filter out the crap (like JB Hifi, Retravision and Dick Smith etc etc)

I posted some first-light images a while back. I was just testing the portable kit in which every item was new: Mount, Cam, Scope, Power, Guider... problems were inevitable!!
They're only single unguided exposures in less than ideal conditions. Sadly I haven't had the chance to get back out and get serious.
The Rho shot(#1) was the very first image I took with my Da and it looked amazing when the proofing shot popped up on the back of the camera after the exposure, all the colour was there. I really got a kick out of that!

Modding a vanilla 60D is an option, but if you think you might like to keep your warranty and/or use a genuine AC adaptor for power, the Da is the way to go.
If AC power and lack of warranty doesn't concern you, you may save about $500 going the modded route.

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I love my 60Da, low noise, great H alpha. Makes processing a breeze. High iso for test shots. Live view for focussing. Colour for instant gratification and it can do OK family snaps (no-one has camplained about colour balance yet).

You need to order them, they come into Australia in dribs and drabs from Canon, about a 2 month waiting list.

I intend to have a go at planetry using the HD video when I have done enough targets to satisfy me - all the Messiers and the IC targets should do it.

I did the Veil recently at this post, more to come.
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DSLR recommendations

Go with a Canon DSLR
I went with 2 canon 500ds and fully modded one of them to full spectrum.
Both cost me about $600 new (body only).

At the time i couldn't budget for a 60d but they are now rediculously cheap.
Canon seems to be the choice for backyard astro photographers, there appears to be more support, software and user groups to draw assistance from.

Carl Rainer
PS. If you want some evidence just look for my deep sky images on our images section
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