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Controlling DSLR using iPad


I was at a viewing night a month or two back and one of the guys had a really neat set-up. He had his DSLR connected to an old Galaxy Tablet. He used a free App in the Android store to control his DSLR from the tablet and have a live view, he had the moon in view.

I would like to do a similar set-up but with an iPad, I bought a cheap USB to lightning connector on eBay but with no luck. My camera is an older non WI-FI model (700D) and all the apps in the Apple Store seem to be for WI-FI connecting only.

I do have an older Surface Pro I could use, but canít find any apps load to control the camera other than Backyard EOS. Not too sure this suites my needs...

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on any apps (Apple or Windows) I could use to control the camera and have a live view, great to show the kids😄. And then wired connection options for the iPad option.

Thanks a stack!!
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I’m having a go of digicamcontrol on Windows.
Controls my d5xxx quite well. Live view is a bit pus with stars but works ok.
Gives full control but I use the USB cable not wifi.
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Cheers Steve, had a read and it looks pretty cool 😎. Iíll definitely give it a go.
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Camranger is what i use

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browse Kickstarter for old campaigns I have a bunch of items for various cameras for connecting them to phones/tablets with various functionality and those items should now be products you can buy. the kickstarters often get updated afterwards to people who missed out and can now buy the items at their rrp. Only one i can remember is Pico which is a tiny intervalometer i backed and got for a panasonic camera, but i have another gadget for nikon that sits in the hotshoe. all the ones i've seen on kickstarter are available for most camera platforms but take a look, there are tons of things out there for doing camera control related remote stuff from your phone or tablet.
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Why not Backyard EOS, itís fantastic and totally designed to control DSLR.

What are your needs?
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I canít say Iíve given Backyard EOS a proper go, I did have some issues with live view, but this may have something to do with my Surface (has some issues I need to sort out).

Having said that, Iíve also only just downloaded Backyard EOS so still early days. Iím going to try and play a bit this weekend and see how I go, first need to sort the Surface out! And then watch a feast of rugby 🏉 as well

But, thanks for the responses, cheers 🍻
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From what I have read, Apple don't support true USB on the Go unlike android devices.

I've used DSLR controller on a galaxy tablet to good effect but, won't work with an iPad.

As far as I know, Apple only support file transfer via USB otg, not control functions.
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