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Asteroids - Which Camera?

I'm working on a project to image asteroids over a week or so so I can compare their movement against background stars.

Does anyone have any tips on what camera to use?

I have a modded 350D - which gives v wide fields which don't really achieve the close up view I am after.

I have an Orion Autoguider which I use with PHD to guide the scope. Its monochrome (which is ok for my purposes) and quite sensitive. I can get a good enough image on PHD but I can't then export that image. As far as I can tell, there aren't any easy off-the-shelf imaging packages that are compatible with this camera.

I also have an old Orion Star Shoot Solar System imager which used to work - but I'm struggling to find software that will take it. The Maxim DL Elements which came with it won't work on Vista on my lappy and I can't really get Craterlet to work with it.

I see my options are:

1. Buy a new camera - I want to keep costs down (and am resisting upgrading to a QHY-8 although its tempting!). Perhaps a second-hand DSI?

2. Pick up some compatible software.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

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If you're going to buy and new camera, get a DMK21. Right now, they're going for $599 at Bintel. You might be able to download the software for the OSSSS at Orion's website, maybe.
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